who i am.

last month, i received an email from jocee asking me if i would like to join her and a few other girls in a very special project. obviously, i said yes. well, to be more realistic, i screamed. and danced around the house. i was jumping up and down and bouncing all over the place. i couldn't believe that she wanted me to join her in this project. but she did. we six have been working on an ordinary utopia for about a month now, and everyday i get more and more excited about what we're doing here and what we are going to do.
okay, well to say i am excited is a huge understatement, but you know what i mean.

AOU isn't just another blog for me to share my thoughts and photos, this blog is here to help me become more real. for years i've struggled with showing the world who i really am, who God made me to be. the whole idea for this blog is for everyone to know that you don't have to have a life full of exotic adventures to be interesting, and you don't have to be like the more popular bloggers to be viewed as 'cool'.
everyone is living in an ordinary utopia, and we're just here to share about ours.  
and now to introduce myself.
my name is grace, but most people like to call me gracie.
i am just your typical awkward fourteen year-old homeschooled photographer, choir singer, live-theater actress, blog post writer, and bookworm.

i am the oldest of four kids, but only by five minutes. yes, that's right, i have a twin. his name is cole, and we have nothing in common. nothing. there's also my youngest and only sister, kayla, who is eleven-going-on-twelve. and last, but certainly not least, my brother jacob, who is the youngest of the bunch, and he's ten.
i live deep in the heart of texas with my family of six. our pets include one puppy, two pigs, three donkeys, six/seven guinea hens, seven turkeys, countless chickens, and around 20 cats. we all live on three acres of land in a two story modern ranch house next to an exotic game ranch located on a dusty, pot-hole-filled county road. the weather here is odd. one day it could be as hot as an oven and the next day it could be in the 20s. but after living here six years, i've learned to deal with it.
i like to laugh. a lot. and i love to make other people laugh. i love me a good cup of coffee at any time of day. you should know that i loooove coffee. and oxford shoes.
i find a lot of inspiration in the little, everyday things. i do believe cloudy days are the best, my favorite color is mustard yellow, i have a horrible sense of fashion, and i dream big.

hello world,
this is me, the real me.
and i'm here to share with you stories of my lovely, dull, amazing, weird, beautiful ordinary life.


  1. yay gracie! at first i thought you said "hot as heaven", but heaven probably isn't hot. i think it's cool all year round. but you said "hot as an oven", so this paragraph is pretty much pointless. anywho, about the post....

    you're so pretty. seriously. and i love this post so much. seriously. and you make me laugh alot. seriously. okay i'm done! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. 20 cats? We had 18 at one time, but now we only have 3 or 4. :)
    also: I had no idea you had a twin. that's awesome!


  3. I didn't know you had a twin! :)
    You just made me want to move to Texas. :)

  4. :) can't wait to read more from you :) actually, i can't wait to read more from everyone. :) everyone who posts in AOU has inspired me and encouraged me in so many different ways. thanks gals :D and many prayers are headed your way for this blog. :D


    PS: yes, i am slightly obsessed with smileys. it's hereditary, i think. no, maybe not.

    PPS: and yes i do like composing meaningless collection of words that end up published as a comment--which in turn cause the readers label me as clinically insane. alright. shutting up. ;)

  5. I've been following your blog for quite some time...and never knew you had a twin! :)

  6. This is lovely! I always wished I had a twin. Haha, aren't turkeys evil?!?!!? We use to have two and they attacked my sister when she was little and my mom. Haha. Okay.. I don't know why I told you that...but anyways.... Great post!


  7. seriously? you just described my dream life. you live on a twenty-acre farm?! awesome! plus, we're a lot alike. i sing, and i'm a bookworm... i think it would be really cool to meet you, Gracie =) I hope that doesn't sound weird.


    P.S. My brothers are twins, and they are so different. But only the people closest to them know it. I imagine you and your brother as complete opposites.

  8. country roads for the win! yours is the best :D

  9. You're so pretty, Gracie! I love this post too. Like everyone else, I had no idea you had a twin! That's awesome.

  10. Gosh, I love this. A whole lot.

    xo, a c a c i a

  11. I like you :)
    also, I was stalking your blog the other day and found a post mentioning a twin brother, so then i stalked about six months' worth of older blog posts til i found one that really talked about him. so yes, i knew you had a twin :)

  12. You're adorable, Gracie! I'm so glad your one of the six manning this blog. :)

  13. wow, 20 cats?! im quite scared of cats, and im kind of allergic to them, so i'd be hiding in a tree at your house. ;) great post grace!