On Inspiration

Getting inspired can sometimes be quite hard. One second you're overflowing with ideas, and the next you're completely dry. Being a writer, blogger, photographer, and artist, getting inspired is a enormous part of what I do daily. I've struggled with finding inspiration quite a bit over the past few years. I still do -- all the time. Whenever I've lost all my inspiration, I have a few ways that I find it again, or even discover a new bit of it. I've compiled a list of the things I to do get inspired. Maybe they can help you, too!

Choose a topic. (it could be a photo shoot, novel idea, blog post, art project...) Start with a page. Write down any and all ideas you have. You can stay organized, or not. (I like to just go all over the place with different boxes, symbols, and font styles.) Get the ideas flowing. Think about what you want to accomplish and how you might get there. Write everything down. You can even try brainstorming with a friend. You can use flowcharts, word webs, or whatever other way you'd like. Get creative with your brainstorming!

Journaling is a great way to get ideas coming. Often, ideas for blog posts come from journaling. Writing down recent thoughts, describing what's been going on in life. You can add creativity to your journaling by pasting photographs and doing sketches. You can write down any ideas in your journal, too. You never know when you might need them!

I have a couple of inspiration books. I fill them with ideas for different subjects. I have an AOU one. A writing one. A blog one. And just a general thoughts one. They're scattered all across the room, on shelves, beside my bed, and on my desk. These books are some of my favorites because they hold so many ideas and I go to them when I need inspiration for certain things. Just grab a notebook and start writing ideas, thoughts, photographs, drawings, and whatever else you'd like to add. [CHECK OUT THE POST I DID ON MY BLOG A WHILE AGO ABOUT AN INSPIRATION BOOK I MADE /// HERE]

me on pinterest.
my writing inspiration board /// here
my artsy/typography board /// here
I may or may not have a small obsession with pinterest. Incase you aren't familiar with this website, it's basically virtual pin board. You can have all sorts of different boards for different subjects/categories. You pin photographs you like from different websites and they show up on your board. You can also repin things other pinteresters have pined. It is truly brilliant. I have lots of different board to help me get inspired. Try creating your own boards! [YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT THE AOU PINTEREREST BOARD /// HERE]

Create a playlist of your favorite songs/songs that complement what you're working on. I have a few different playlists for different things I do. One for just songs to listen to while doing things on the internet, another one when I'm writing, and a third for when I'm doing schoolwork. Music can be very inspirational. A FUN THING TO TRY: write down thoughts/things that come to mind while listening to a song. We did this in a writing class I was in this summer. It may spark an idea that you'll love! [CHECK OUT THE AOU PLAYLISTS /// HERE]

Sometimes, when Inspiration isn't coming, it simply means: It's break time. Do something fun to get your mind off whatever it is you're desperately wanting inspiration for. Just wait awhile. Inspiration won't be gone forever!

How do you get inspired?
xo. megan kristine


  1. i love how you have chris august on your "now playing" list. ;)
    love this post! so inspiring, really. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. MEGAN. I don't like you right now. You're killing me with your awesome handwriting! And your playlist up there? Loooveee.

    1. Oh, stop it. I love YOURS.

      p.s. got your letter & need to write you back ;)

  3. AH, I've been thinking that I really really need to keep an inspiration notebook. I even came close to writing a blog post about it. Isn't it weird how things you've been thinking about suddenly pop up on other blogs too?

  4. SO good, Megan! I needed to hear this.
    Your photos are ammmmaaazing. (Even more than that, too.)

    Oh, and I'm off to listen to your playlist...


  5. journaling, pinterest and music... YES.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. I agree, all of these tips are helpful. Sometimes searching for inspiration can be hard because you don't take time to stop and observe all the little things that add up to a wonderful day//memory//experience etc. :)

    p.s. love love love chris august's music! i've seen him live! have you? it's ammamamamamamazing. and i'm super excited he's working on a new album :D

    1. Yes. I saw him live two years ago at winter jam. He's so amazing!

    2. gah--yes amazing. :) edit: a warm cozy place like panera or starbucks usually evokes inspiration.

  7. These are great tips! <3 This is What I needed. lol. ^_^

  8. These are great ideas! Thanks so much, Megan!

  9. These are awesome tips! I may just need to try a few of them! ;)

  10. LOVE this..thank you so much! =)

  11. I drunk up this post like I would sweet, fresh water.
    Your writing here and the post "LOVER OF DOODLES AND WORDS" inspired me to keep my own quote book, to document the pretty things that inspire me. I was crazy blessed by reading both posts. Thank-youuu!