night at the symphony

when i grow up, i want to go into music. specifically film composing. that means i'll be the person writing the music that will tie a whole movie together. and to go into that industry, it would help to have some sort of background in the area, no?

mommy and i volunteer at this place called the long center. we exchange our time to help the house managers and usher the guests for a free seat at the show. we've seen operas and comedians and even a broadway musical, but we haven't really gotten the chance to be a guest. to be served, instead of to serve. and on january 14th, at 8:00pm, that changed.
 a few phone calls were made, a few strings were pulled, and i soon found myself being dropped off at the long center. i paid for a student rush ticket at the box office, and walked inside. as a guest.
i've never been taken to my seat before. and it just so happens that my ticket was in the very front row. sitting next to patrons and the like, watching the violinists and the harpists celloists move in unison, seeing the pianists hands move in a frenzy. it was all so overwhelming, and all so beautiful at the same time.

at intermission, i walked onto the terrace. i'd seen couples, young and old, and children wander around this place. but never had i. a few children were there. jumping on a small stage of lights that changed color as they moved. the smell of baked goods filled my nostrils and the air was crisp and cold. i buttoned my coat some and wandered about slowly, looking at the memorials and gazing at the stars. they were full and bright and they twinkled. some even had color. i swore i saw a planet. and then it was time to go back inside.

variations of enigma were played. nimrod to be exact. sonatas by beethoven and overtures by mozart. an a soft encore at the end. and then it was time to go home. but i didn't want to go home. i could be serenaded all night.

i knew that i had to go to the symphony more often.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug plumpuppets-


  1. I *love* symphonies!!! <3 I love music in general so flipping much. I play Violin and Guitar and I love them to death. ^_^ This is a wonderful post. <3

  2. music makes my heart filled with an inexpressible longing. i most certainly AM considering music as a career.
    watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_fkw5j-t0&feature=g-user-u&context=G2743a8dUCGXQYbcTJ33ZpexT3sGbIEugSdswd5ZXcS3zqHSIU-wI

    kind of emotional, no? music is...

    too powerful to explain.



  3. wow. i have never been to a symphony, but i know music touches me greatly. i have a greater capacity to love it than anyone i know... well, obviously, except you, since i don't think i'll go into it as a career.
    anyway, looks like i'll have to save up for a night at the opera... or concert hall.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. wow! that's so nice that you got be the guest finally :D and what a beautiful dream career! :D

  5. That's so cool! I'd love to go to a symphony someday! and that sounds like a perfect career!

  6. Sounds like a beautiful night! And I think being a film composer would be awesome. :)

  7. I love this website; it reminds me of Fernwehmag.blogspot.com!!!
    Could you possibly add a 'subscribe' button?

  8. so wonderful :) i've been to the symphony once and it was super awesome. it was christmas, so they did a bunch of christmas songs. it was pretty fantastic.

    abbie // xoxox