i often listen to the rain

It rains a lot here in Washington. Sometimes it gets depressing when you realize that everyday is always gray and wet... but rain is beautiful, and quite frankly, I love it.

I love the smell of rain. It makes me feel lovely and happy and refreshed. The smell doesn't come around nearly as often as I'd like it to, but when it does, it makes it all the more special. Everytime I smell it, I gasp and look over at anyone who is near me and tell them how much I love it.

The sound of rain makes me so incrediably happy. It beats against the roof and pitter-patters against the gutters. On nights when it rains really hard and the rain beats like a drum, I like to sit on my bed and write poetry or read. A sense of peace settles over me and I feel safe.

I like the rain.

xo, Hayley


  1. dear rain,
    you're refreshing and renewing, washing my cares away. this is why i love you.

    dear God,
    thanks for creating rain. it's beautiful.
    love, anna

  2. i kinda sorta might love you -- just a little. this perfectly captured my thoughts toward rain. beautiful♥

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. ditto anna. rain is beautiful. i'm perfectly okay with gloomy, dark days full of billowing clouds. those days are my favorite. great post :)
    -jocee <3

  4. okay - so honestly: i don't like rain. it rains far too often here in england and i'm tired of it. if i lived in the sahara desert or spain, i'd love rain. anyway! enough of my silly rambles!

    what i mean to say is, you described rain wonderfully. and those photos? stellar.

    x acacia

  5. I love rain! I just wish I had a waterproof DSLR. ;P
    That first raindrops-on-spiderweb photo is amazing!

    eve @ essence of eve

  6. i. love. rain. and i love your description of rain. and i love your photos of rain.
    all in all, this post was beautiful. like seriously, so beautifully beautiful.

  7. I love rain!! Lovely photos and post. :)

  8. I was born and raised in Washington, and even though I live in GA now I get homesick for Washington. It's probably why I love rain so much =)

  9. I'm so obsessed with rain. My heart melts every time the grey clouds roll in and the droplets begin to fall.
    Ah. Good thing it rained here yesterday or I'd be at your doorstep. ;)

  10. I think that the only people who truly appreciate the beauty of rain are the people who have grown up with it! I love the rain, and it's probably a good thing since it's raining 80% of the time where I live!

  11. I love the sun. But there is something about the *smell* of rain, especially in the springtime.

  12. I love these pictures, Hayley!!! Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog. :)

  13. it's raining HEAPS here too! and i can get tired of it sometimes, but then a few horus later, all the wonderful feelings of beautiful rain come back : )
    ~Holly <3