welcome home

you may or may not know me. i'm just that person who talks alot, thinks more than she talks -remarkably so- and rambles on about the house with white pillars she's going to have one day. but before that day comes, i am simply jocelyn. 

i'm not exactly sure what happened after i read this post. it's the ever lovely carlotta, speaking of those cherished moments with family. things that should never be forgotten. and when it comes back to you like it's yesterday, there's that sense of nostalgia. that far off smile that can never be mistaken for anything else. 
your second photo was just beautiful. the focus seemed..almost whimsical, as was your description of your goodbye. i think you should write a book about your most favorite times you've spent...doing anything! that'd be so cool.
moments i never want to forget? spending time with my friends at camp. goofing off in the background, eating countless gallons of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream and chugging pints of iced coffee, ketchup, or anything food for that matter. racing down the waterslides at midnight, riding horses and hyperventilating when we laugh too much. basically, just being ourselves. camp only comes maybe two, three times a year, and each time we relish in our joy. but when it's time to go, we hug each other, hold on for one more second, get in our cars and leave, and even though we long for those memories, we are excited for the next opportunity we get to make them.
this was a beautiful post, carlotta. loved it :)) -jocee <3
at that moment, on a fall's day in october {2:50pm to be exact}, i realized that was what i needed to do. document those moments i never want to forget. wrap them up in a little package and open them whenever i felt the need to revisit them. and then invite other girls like myself to do the same thing.
i'm not exactly sure what i thought was going to happen when i sent the email to the five others. complications arose and fell, names were changes and inspiration boards were made. designs were created and we gushed. we recognized our motto. and after nearly two months of the same, it was finally ready.

                                   AN ORDINARY UTOPIA

we are not another mirage of life that you wish yours could live up to, we embrace the little darlings. the imperfections. and we want to show them to you. welcome home. i want you to treat this place like it truly was your home. sit down on the couch, put your feet up, watch your favorite show, give in to your latest food craving! don't find the need to try and be someone you're not. because here, we are ourselves. everything is homegrown. you are our prized possession.

this is sorta-kinda our internet baby. keep us company for awhile? 



  1. yes, yes, yes. <3 great post jocee!(:

  2. You have such a nice blog!

    I'm drooling over the string wrapped around that package! =)

  3. love this idea :) i'm going to try it :D

  4. "internet baby". seriously, your names for things always get me! this was great -- i am in love with this blog already, and you guys aren't even through introducing yourselves. i can't wait to read more! =)


  5. I love this. This is so exciting. AOU is my new favorite.

  6. Love this post Jocee. And I do believe I recognize that package of yours. hee hee. :)
    I am very excited to read more and more on An Ordinary Utopia!!! <3 <3
    Big hugs, xxx~Kelsey

  7. You're such a lovely writer Jocee:) I can't wait to see this internet baby grow!

  8. oh, this was so very sweet. (: you're just so cool, jocee. (:

  9. Loved this post. Especially that last line. Actually, that whole last paragraph was lovely, my favorite. ;)

  10. I like this post a lot! I am excited about this project. Thanks for realizing that not all of us bloggers are perfect. :)

  11. This is awesome, btw. Love it a lot.

  12. jocee, I'm so incredibly flattered that my post way back then is what brought you here! this is my first visit here and I must say, I'm impressed. rock on, loves. xx