An Ordinary Utopia: The Beginnings

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What is it that makes life so incredibly wonderful? Why are these the things most important to us? Why do we never truly realize them? why are they often overlooked? Why are they never posted about? Why is real life hidden behind a curtain, and the fictions, flawless way of life brought into the light and written about over and over until everyone is convinced that it is the perfect way? Why do we believe this nonsense?

The team here at An Ordinary Utopia have made it our goal to answer and redefine these questions. We believe it is the little things that make life wonderful, the things usually gone unnoticed. We believe these are the things that should be posted about. We haves set out not to cause a droll party over our lives, but to discover the little things in our own lives, and to help you discover them in yours.

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MEGAN @ Borderless: "Life has been a wild ride for me. But there are so many little things that have made that chaotic mess wonderful. Those tiny happenings -- digging a hole in our back yard for a makeshift pool, collecting wildflowers, soaring through the sky with my favorite imaginary friend -- those things made me who I am. I am merely one person affected by a million little things. Those things blend together creating a marvelous thing called life. Mine's just an ordinary life, but for me it's a wonderful one. And yours is just as wonderful. Trust me. It's crazy, sometimes we disapprove of it, and sometimes we just pure love it. But just think of how different we might be without it all -- even the imperfect."

JOCEE @ the cupcake dictionary: "welcome home. i want you to treat this place like it truly was your home. sit down on the couch, put your feet up, watch your favorite show, give in to your latest food craving! don't find the need to try and be someone you're not. because here, we are ourselves. everything is homegrown. you are our prized possession."

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GRACIE @ Lollipops and Cupcakes"AOU isn't just another blog for me to share my thoughts and photos, this blog is here to help me become more real. for years i've struggled with showing the world who i really am, who God made me to be. the whole idea for this blog is for everyone to know that you don't have to have a life full of exotic adventures to be interesting, and you don't have to be like the more popular bloggers to be viewed as 'cool'. 
everyone is living in an ordinary utopia, and we're just here to share about ours. "

LINDSEY @ Skip to My Lou"Come as you are and join us on an adventure to every corner of simple, beautiful, ordinary life. Here we value creativity, honesty, and the little things in life. This is a place where you can be yourself-- where we are coming out from behind the curtain to give you the honest (and sometimes imperfect) truth. So put on your coziest sweater, pour a cup of tea, and join us in discovering an ordinary utopia."
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ABBY @ Follow God Everyday"My life is not an exotic, amazing life.  I don't travel often.  I don't have a ginormous family, or live on a farm, or get up at the crack of dawn.  Instead, I live in a family of 6, we live on a small piece of land, and, to be quite honest, I usually get up at the crack of noon.  But I believe it's the little things that make us who we are.  Day-to-day life which most people often view as unimportant and trivial.  Taking walks around the neighborhood, making pizza with the family, laughing til we can't breathe.  Because what are the big things without the little things?"

HAYLEY @ Let Your Spirit Take Flight"An Ordinary Utopia is a place where we get real. It's a place where we celebrate the beautiful, ordinary things in life that some people forget to recognize. We don't have to travel to exotic lands, or live in a small, perfect little house with vintage furniture and a giant library full of books for life to be stellar. The small, simple things in life are extraordinary, you just have to open your eyes and acknowledge them. Playing a game of Legos with your brother, laughing until you cry with your best friend, watching The Twilight Zone episodes with dad until midnight, writing stories about magic dogs with your friend. These are some moments that seriously give me happy little butterflies in my stomach. I love these moments."
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The team here at An Ordinary Utopia are thrilled to be opening this project. We have some exciting posts planned and can't wait for AOU to get underway. And while we wait? Let's go discover life together.



  1. This looks great, you guys! Wow, I love all of your blogs -- it's gonna be really cool to see what you all post about here. I love the design, and all of you photographers are sure to fill this webspace with beautifully ordinary inspiration for the blogging world.

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. You girls are amazing. Everything looks amazingly lovely, I can't wait to see this grow!


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    come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  4. Just like Jessica, i love all your blogs already :) It's really cool what you did!

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    so looking forward to seeing the posts in the future...
    Holly xo

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  16. This blog is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
    All of you are awesome bloggers and then now your all together?? Perfect!
    And I have one question, who designed this blog?
    Whoever did it: Well done!

    1. thanks Dezzy Louise!
      I designed the header and tiny bits of the HTML as well as other images and graphics around the blog, but Gracie did most of the work. She's amazing, no? :)

    2. Very great job! If i had the money, i would totally get a design from you!! <3 and Gracie is very talented as well(:

  17. wow! I love this blog! It is absolutely lovely and the photography is epic! I am totally a follower. <3 Are you all homeschooled? that is so kool! I am too. :D

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