something to photograph

My plans were annihilated when I woke up to find rain slowly dripping out my window.  As I stood on my toes (I'm quite short), I saw the soggy grass, the darkened wood fence, the trees soaked with moisture.


It hardly ever rains here in dry Idaho.  Basically, it never rains.  
Which is probably a good thing for me since I've never really loved rain.


I had plans for this day.  I saw a cool spot to take pictures in our neighborhood the other day.  That's pretty rare, since you can be sure around here almost every inch of land is planted with houses.  Unless I want to be reduced to taking pictures of lawn flamingos and welcome mats, I have to take advantage of my clear land.


I planned to grab some person who I could bribe to take pictures of and venture out to the spot I had in mind earlier that week.  You can imagine my dismay when I look out my window to see a gray sky and soggy grounds, and to also know that it will most likely stay that way for a few days.  
See, when I get in a picture-taking mood, I really get in a picture-taking mood.


I grab my camera as the droplets from the sky start to decrease and the grass starts to dry out just a bit.  The sun still isn't out, but it's worth a try.


I check my memory card and battery and heat my water for my mocha later (I confess).


It is so peaceful.  The only sound I hear is the soft patter of water left behind in the trees.  Not birds.  Not people.  Not cars.  Not even music fills my ears, which is what usually accommodates me on my nature shoots.


Thoughts knock on the door of my mind.  Thoughts about what I should be doing.  Thoughts about what the neighbors might think of me - pajamas, boots, coat, an excited expression on my face, as well as a 4 pound camera situated around my neck.


Thoughts of things I want also try to find its way in to my mind.  But I do not welcome them as I have in the past.  I send them away, for this time is too precious and valuable to be bothered with those thoughts.


Some people may say TV or movies help them relax.  Some people may say simply a recliner helps them relax.  But what helps me is neither of those things.


 What does it for me is to be on my feet, camera in my hands, the soft click of the shutter.


Even though it was not what I thought I wanted nor how I imagined myself that day, it was good and peaceful.


I was looking at the same thing as before I had my camera in hand.  But now I see something totally different.  Now I see something beautiful.  Something to be captured and kept.  Something to photograph.


  1. "for jocee" i seriously started screaming and jumping up and down. i told you rain is awesome, abby. i so told you. and can i just say that the lens on your camera is quite gigantor? it really is. great post, absolutely!! it's officially my favorite. stellarness, dawrling :))
    -jocee <3

  2. stunning, lovely :) what do you shoot with?

  3. once again, you have made me swoon with your photos and words. you're like, completely awesome. and ditto everything jocee said. :)
    oh, and i love rain. loooove it.

  4. mmmmmmm, rain♥♥♥ i absolutely love these shots -- i may pin a few. these are so gorgeous. oh, what i wouldn't give for a nice camera of my own =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. beautiful post, abby! I love the rain. :)

  6. Everything? - perfect. And that for Jocee sign made the post just so much better.

  7. Lovely photos and post! I personally like rain, except for the fact that it is hard to catch rain drops in action. *smiles.*

  8. Wonderful photos. (:

    p.s rain is awesome! <3

  9. Your photos and words are amazing. Ah, don't you love the rain?

  10. I absolutely adore the first two pictures!

  11. Lovely. Just lovely.
    We got rain last night for the first time in forever and it was music to my ears. I just love it.
    great pics!