A Matter of Perception

Let's face it: we all dream of adventure. We dream of the places we'll travel and the things we'll see. We want to have one of those "perfect adventures". But to be honest, I've never had a planned adventure that lived up to my expectations.

About a month ago, my sister and I were staying with very dear friends of ours. The day was drawing to a close and we set out for a walk, carrying along my sister's rucksack with a dozen cookies, a beach towel, and some glitter. Why glitter? Because, being such easily enchanted people, we wanted to blow glitter in the air. At golden hour.

I'd heard many-a-time about the area to which we were traveling, but had no concept of its beauty. In fact, I had such little idea of it, that I almost didn't bring my camera. We walked and skipped and twirled down the paths. Past the house in the model of a castle. Past the abode which looked like a museum. Past the invisible wall dividing our world from this enchanted escape.

When we finally reached the opening to the wood, my voice rang in exclamation as I discovered a wood previously unbeknownst to me. But even the wood and the joy it gave me couldn't compare to the enchantment of our destination in all of its beauty. Following our traipse through the wood, we came to the clearing. A lake on our right and an enormous hill on our left. A little deck at the bottom of the mini mountain... just before the land turned into a prairie. The sun was blazing golden and the result  was an elated quartet of adventurers.

We divided the cookies and nibbled them upon the deck. As the temperature dropped we scrapped the towel's duty of being our picnic blanket, and it became a cape. And a shawl. And a flag in the wind. While the other three danced up the hill, gasping for breath, I took every moment and captured it in my memory-- and with my camera. Perhaps there are no moments more ingrained in my mind than these.

Eventually, we came to the glitter blowing portion of the day. As my little sister and her friend hung on a swinging branch, my friend and I began with the glitter. Of course I had my camera out, striving to get just the perfect shot. And I did.

After all of this, we packed up and hit the trails to head home, as we all mused about how wonderful the day was. And because it can't be completely perfect, I got hit in the head by a three-foot stick... but that was no big deal because I was too happy to care.

The point of this is not to make you jealous or discontent. In stead, I hope that you see that adventure can come when we least expect it. This adventure almost came without my camera around my neck, which means that I had very little anticipation of it. And while these adventures are wonderful, discovering the adventure in everyday things is just as important. Perhaps your perception of adventure depends on how you see life. What do you think?

What is your fondest memory of adventure?

Love and a hug,

Lindsey Lou


  1. Beautiful story, but it did kind of make me jealous :S I long for adventure, and there isn't much to be had in the suburbs.
    However, this post was amazing! I love the glitter shot -- you did get the perfect one ;) And that one of you guys on the hill... how did that get taken ?! Great job.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. This is an awesome reminder! and that glitter pictures IS perfect!

  3. Lovely! Unexpected adventures are the best. Even something as crazy as sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone to pick you up after your car dies, can be an adventure. (I should know.:)

  4. can i just say, that the lemonades are my most favorite girl scout cookie ever, and that i wish i went with you on this wonderful trip? okay. the lemonades are my most favorite girl scout cookie ever, and i wish i went with you on this wonderful trip. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  5. "I got hit in the head by a three-foot stick... but that was no big deal because I was too happy to care." <-- way to make the best of this! I giggled :)

  6. Very nice post. I was intrigued the entire time. Love the glitter photo. Beautiful.
    Now I want to go on an unexpected adventure. (:

    p.s 3 foot stick to the head. I thought that was pretty funny. -It's real life!!

  7. Those are beautiful pictures! You're super talented!

  8. a fondest memory of adventure? well:

    my whole family had been vacationing and my sister Cassie had left something out on the beach while we were hanging out there earlier in the day. we had to go retrieve it--it was a dark and clear and gorgeous night, and since we were just a couple minutes away, Cassie and I decided to walk down there ourselves.
    the sky was glorious. we were away from the lights, and it was just us, the stars, and the ocean. we were looking for a few constellations and we spotted three or so shooting stars. it was just a lovely evening and a lovely few minutes spent with my lovely sister whom I love so very much.

    lovely lovely photos. (:

  9. Glitter at golden hour?! You just gave me a most wonderful idea! ;) Lovely photos!

    eve @ essence of eve

  10. I *love* that glitter shot!
    Thanks for reminding us that there is such a thing as spontaneous, wonderful adventures. :)

  11. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. like seriously.
    i love going on little adventures like this one. oh, and that glitter shot is perfection <3

  12. LOVE that glitter shot. So gorgeous. And that place you found adventure is just beyond beautiful!

  13. This is brilliant! I know the joy of going on a random adventure and experiencing something wonderful you never expected. Once I took an entire day to find adventure in town by myself (the camera definitely came along): http://differenthomeschoolgirl.blogspot.com/2012/01/abigails-day-out.html