summer sky
if you haven't noticed, i've been absent on the AOU blog lately. it's because i've been incredibly busy, and yet it's inexcusable because i left y'all so suddenly. so i just wanted to leave you a little note that the blog is going to be going under maintenance, and gracie, abby and i will be back shortly. basically, what we'll be doing is reevaluating what we're doing here at AOU, creating a new design, and adding a whole bunch of new features that we simply can't wait to share with you! so stick around, and we'll be back with something that should make you smile. 

until then, i leave you with a quote: 
           tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.           anne of green gables
gracie, abby, and jocee.
{pea ess: we're looking for three girls to contribute to the blog! if you're interested, shoot us an email!  thank you all so much for applying! we have picked all of our girls and can't wait to show you what we've done to the blog at the relaunch! get excited, y'all. xx, j.}


take pride

a friend recently let me borrow john green's book, the fault in our stars. honestly, it is an amazing book, and full of so many sweet and sad moments, and a lot of quotable quotes, like the one above. you should take pride in not knowing what's cool, because it makes you different. if you go with what's "cool" than you'll be just like everyone else, which basically goes against your whole purpose. we were each created with a different purpose, to go against the flow, to be creative and unique. so be proud you're not a hipster; be proud you don't go to parties every friday night; be proud of your "uneventful" life.
be proud of who you are.
don't let this world turn you into something you're not, okay darling?
xo, gracie