take pride

a friend recently let me borrow john green's book, the fault in our stars. honestly, it is an amazing book, and full of so many sweet and sad moments, and a lot of quotable quotes, like the one above. you should take pride in not knowing what's cool, because it makes you different. if you go with what's "cool" than you'll be just like everyone else, which basically goes against your whole purpose. we were each created with a different purpose, to go against the flow, to be creative and unique. so be proud you're not a hipster; be proud you don't go to parties every friday night; be proud of your "uneventful" life.
be proud of who you are.
don't let this world turn you into something you're not, okay darling?
xo, gracie


  1. I totally, completely, one-hundred-percent agree with you. We should embrace individuality.

  2. I so need to read tfios! I've been hearing so many good things about it.
    And that quote is so great and perfect. It'll probably become my new favorite one and will end up all over the walls in my room.
    "so be proud you're not a hipster; be proud you don't go to parties every friday night; be proud of your "uneventful" life." And that was perfect.

  3. Okay. I totally agree with this.. Like, a lot.

  4. mmmmhmmm. YESYESYES. Amen.

    and for the record, two years ago I had NO idea who Lady Gaga was. (I thought that was bad at the time, but now looking back I think it was more of a good thing than a bad one. ;))

    xx acacia

  5. okay. okay. okay. okay.
    UGH augustus water feels.
    seriously this is amazing. defines the entire blog.

  6. This is great! I agree...thank you for the reminder, Gracie. I've been trying so hard to fit in but that's not what God wants so I'm going to stop now. :)

  7. okay. so, now I know I've got to read this book!

  8. Love this! <3
    I think I'm going to check that book out.

  9. amazing. i want to read that book now! x
    - Jianine

  10. TFIOS REFERENCE. yes, i just died again.

    seriously, though, i loved this. i think i'll pin it, and spread the word. xo

  11. i love this! <3 can i pin it? nevermind. i pinned it already.

    eve @ essence of eve

  12. ah, yes.
    as BlimeyCow once stated,
    "seriously, just be you, because, of you think about it, your pretty awesome."