Today: begin. Tomorrow: carry on.

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Write that story.
Sing that song.
Meet that goal.

Know "You can build success from previous failure or from previous success but you can’t build success by wishing for it." (x)
Realize that life in unpredictable and anything can happen.
Remember if you never quit, you can never lose.
Begin now the things you always said you'd do.

Today: begin. Tomorrow: carry on.

xo | Megan


currently loving

i. fresh air hinting of adventure & newness drifting in through my window every morning
ii. daily visits to the park
iii. laughter
iv. magical sunsets
v. morning lattes on the porch
vi. looking forward to a long road trip & two weeks in the sunshine state
vii. having ice cream every day
viii. messy buns, short sleeves, & flip flops
ix. good time with family & friends
x. making happy memories to last a lifetime

what are your current loves?