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blog: essence of eve
I'm a homeschooled girl of fifteen. I love salty ocean air hinting of adventure, the fresh scent of pure white snowflakes, squishy sand, being outside just before a storm, capturing moments in time with my camera, memorable quotes, soundtracks that make goose bumps steal up my arms, reading fantasy, dreaming up stories in my head, baking sweets with an extra pinch of cinnamon (just because), coffee with half of a teaspoon of honey, a hot cup of tea, having toast for dinner, staying up late, the pitter-patter of raindrops on my window, cool summer night air, & most of all, my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have a lovely six-year-old sister & a three-year-old brother, wonderful parents, & we all live in a little (or maybe not so little) country town in southern Ontario. It is nice to meet you, friend! :)

blog: gracie jean
i'm a homeschooled photographer, musical theater geek, blogger, and bookworm. fifteen years-old and oldest of four. i love chilly morning runs with my puppy, fluffy white clouds contrasting with a stark blue sky, and peppermint mochas with blackberry pancakes make for the perfect breakfast. polka dotted dresses and brown oxford shoes are my usual, a camera is almost always in my hands, and they say people who laugh are healthier than those who don't, so i guess i'm super healthy. i like watching the five, my room tends to over flow with books, i'm a city girl turned country girl, music makes up my entire life, i tend to be really super awkward and i'm really quiet around new people, give me a script and a stage and i'll be happy as happy can be. i live on a small plot of land with my twin brother, my almost-thirteen year-old sister, ten year-old brother, and my awesomely awesome parents. hello, friend!

blog: the cupcake dictionary
my friends say i am this wildly enthusiastic, photogenic girl with a passion for writing both words and music. they also say i have a less-than healthy obsession with cupcakes and tom hiddleston. but if you ignore that, they'll tell you that i (should be) an adorable, poetic, witty human being who always has something to say and yet will always stop to listen to others. and i am okay with being this person. i, however, say that i am a girl who is all of sixteen, a junior in high school, and a homeschooler with a more-than-healthy obsession with cupcakes and tom hiddleston.

blog: then now when
This is who I am and the things I care about: a fifteen year old collection of trips, falls, and wide eyes. A 5'1'' skeleton that I'll bet is shorter than yours. Fingertips smudged in black ink and a head full of words said in the past. A crumpled piece of paper with sentences that nobody can read scribbled on its surface. A gloomy autumn day that's been raining since you woke up; but that happy sort of rainy day where you lay indoors, reading your favorite novel with the droplets as your only soundtrack. A story hidden inside of a two year old notebook that nobody's ever read before. A strum that sounds almost right, but not quite, on a guitar that's lasted 3 generations. A click of a camera's shutter when the ice cream begins to melt off the cone and onto your hand. A walk through a summer haze. A pair of barefeet that have touched the ground of many different places. A small pair of eyes concerned about the tears nobody else noticed. And by the looks of my room and inside my bag? A reader, writer, photographer, and adventurer.
blog: war song
i'm really into breakfast, like, a lot. i love charming little towns, sightseeing in the big cities, bargaining at thrift stores, classic books and old movies, musicals, Marlon Brando, and dancing in my kitchen to the sounds of Frank Sinatra. i pretend i'm a good singer and Christmas is my favorite. i like to go barefoot and wear bandanas and paint my nails pink. i make a mean stir-fry though i'm completely useless with chopsticks. i love finding clever quotes and making lookbooks and talking with friends over a good coffee. people think i'm quiet but get to know me and you'll find yourself disagreeing with that statement completely. i listen to music all the time. my dream is to see a Broadway play. my archenemies are lens caps and raspberries. i will travel anywhere as long as there's food involved. i make a lot of lists and own more spiral-notebooks than humanly normal. over the course of one year, i usually accumulate enough fancy pens to last a couple of lifetimes. i'm a proud floridian who can't wait to one day write down her life's stories.

blog: lovely
all of 17 years old, five feet, six and one half inches tall, a lady never discloses her weight. green/hazel eyes, red/blonde hair. a fan of the lower case letters, european wannabe like johnny depp, in love with adam young of owl city. christian, homeschooled highschool graduate, avid reader, aspiring writer, amateur photographer, lover of hot teas to promote elegance, and iced teas to retrace her southern roots, writes letters to penpals all over the world, favourite season is fall, favourite colours are seafoam and pink, favourite neutral is grey, name is pronounced blaya bree-ann. when she dies may they say "she lived and loved without restraint"

blog: restless
I’ve never been good at describing myself to other people. Somehow I end up flowering myself and making me seem more exciting and lovely than I actually am. Or I make myself sound painfully dull and boring. I’m not either of those, though. I don’t gravitate to one extreme, I’m a bit of a mix. I’m crazy and loud but I’m also quiet and observant. I enjoy things like water skiing and cycling but I also enjoy sitting in my comfy chair and knitting sweaters with three arms. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, LOTR make up the majority of my fangirling. I’m pretty ordinary. I listen to Switchfoot, I only sometimes dress out of my pajamas, I sing in the shower, and I like writing stores. I have messy handwriting, a messy room, and messy hair. I always dip my cookies in my milk. I have an insane obsession with notebooks, my hair often comes loose of its braid, I never make my bed, I read slow, my diet is pb&j’s and cereal, I wear flip flops in the snow, I’ve never been on a ferris wheel, I highlight in my favorite books, I like orange juice, I only shop at thrift stores, I don’t use a mac, and I once got stuck in a revolving door. welcome.


  1. Keep doing what you're doing!

    A Writer's Nakama

  2. I would love to write about you girls collabing on this blog on http://www.blogsbykids.net/ Is it okay if I use a few of your pictures to link to you?

    1. I almost forgot if it's okay please email blogsbykids@gmail.com Thanks!!

      Blogs by is a new blog to get the word out about great blogs written by 18 & under bloggers...

  3. When I'm having a bad day, I know I can come to AOU and find some encouraging words. Whether it was written in the past week, or a few months ago, I *always* find encouragement. Thank you ladies for all you do here. :D