reading this may cause severe damage to your brain

I would strongly recommend you stop here while you still can.
I really would stop here.
Please save your brain cells.
They are more important than reading this.
I'm trying to help you out here.

When I got the email asking if I would like to become a part of AOU, what ran through my head was "OHMYGOSH."  I felt honored.  They seriously wanted me?  Awkward, weird me?  Did they send the email by accident?  Did they type the wrong name?  Did they even think this through before they decided to choose me?
A surge of joy ran through my body.  Of course I wanted to do it.  AOU was all about what I wanted to portray on my own blog.  The little things.  The things that people don't blog about, but all obtain.

I'm Abby.  14 years old.  Homeschooledalien. 
I live in a family of 6 that's just as loud as a family of 21.  I have a pig-dog who likes cookie dough. I watch an abundant amount of movies.  I love to capture simplicity in my writing and photography.  Reading is another fav and I even challenged myself to read 100 books this year.  I haven't died yet.  But we'll see.

I love crocheting, knitting, crafting, creating in general.  I actually have a craft blog where I post about once every 7 years.  And I have an etsy shop.  Where I sell headbands and jewelry and anything else my deranged mind can think of.

I consume mostly popcorn and ice cream.  I often shove my camera in peoples faces and act like I know what I'm doing.  I dream of going to Paris or Italy or Rome, but my home is here in Idaho where we camp in the mountains and go skiing and stuff like that.

I spend a vast amount of my day on blogger and pinterest and twitter, all of which allow me to get nothing done in a day.  Although not all of my day is spent on the computer.  Sometimes I go get dressed or take a shower or something productive like that.  Sometimes I even go fancy and organize my room.  Only sometimes.  I pretend I can do stuff like that.

And to round off this excessive and immense bio that no one really wanted to read in the first place - I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Without Him, my life would be completely meaningless and I probably wouldn't even be writing this.  
which probably wouldn't be a bad thing right now.


  1. i find you hilarious in so many ways. and i just realized you're an alien! gallifreyan, perhaps? ;) great post, dearie! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Ha. I love you Abby. Of course we what you on the team, you seriously awesome and cool person. :)

    p.s. your craft skills are beast.

  3. Abby you are so hilarious! I'm sure I've said that like 20+ times, but seriously, you are! I wish we had mountains down here in flat Iowa. Because I'd really like to go camping in the mountains, that sounds like fun!
    And basically the 2nd to the last paragraph made me laugh out loud so now people are giving me weird looks because I'm at a coffee house. ha! oh well.

  4. We're a lot alike. haha, this post made me laugh though.

  5. a like is probably two words. at least I didn't say alot and alike wrong.

  6. i find you to be utterly hilarious and perfectly humorous. a very lovely post, Abby :)

  7. (lol, kendra^)

    abby, seriously, you were surprised? you're one of the funniest, sassiest bloggers i know of! i loved this -- you know, i spend a lot of my time on those websites, too... but now i don't feel so bad about it =) That's the goal of this blog, to post the ordinary, and I am LOVING it.


  8. This is great!! You're so funny! Love it!

  9. Me and you are so similar {minus the fact you're about ten times more hilarious than me. And we all know that I'm about the most hilarious person there is ;P)

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

  10. This was awesome, loved reading it. :)
    How many books have you read so far?

  11. Found this blog through Jocee! Totally love it! Y'all have a great perspective on life. Keep up the good work, girls!

    One thing I'd suggest is allowing people to comment even if they don't have one of the 6 accounts listed in the drop down box (I'd like to be able to comment with a link to my own url which is not hosted on any of those options).

  12. I want to meet you in real life - really badly. PLEASE COME TO ENGLAND.

    - a c a c i a

  13. love this, your awesomely hilarious. you'd like (double u, double u, double u) (dot) kellehampton(dot)(com)

  14. You're hilarious, Abbey! If I knew you in real life, we'd be besties. Seriously. <3

  15. your hilarity is priceless, abby! i alwaysalwaysalways enjoy any single post you write! this has made my day : )

  16. Did you just describe me?! That is too funny...

  17. You are SO funny! I love your sense of humor. ;P And, sadly, I'm afraid I spend to much on the computer too. Like now, for instance. I should be doing the dishes. Dear me. ;)