What's a bob?

So. The other night a few friends and I went to THE AVENGERS. (amazing movie, right?) As we were laying on the floor, all covered in blankets and pillows, talking about random things that had happened to us, one of my besties, Melody, began to tell a story. She was talking about the "Save the bob's campaign" that Pancheros was doing. About how anyone who was a bob would get to eat free. It was late. And I don't know if I was actually having a major blonde moment or if it was just lack of sleep, but I was so confused as to what a bob was. What kind of person was a bob? What did you have to do to be a bob? These were the questions rolling through my head. And so I asked, "Guys, what's a bob?" This question was answered by laughter all across the dark room. When they could all finally contain themselves, Mel answers: "It's someone NAMED Bob, Megan."

And that, folks, is a bob.

Have you ever had a major blonde moment?
xo. Megan Kristine


  1. I've had plenty of "blonde moments," and guess what? I'm a brunette. It happens to the best of us.

    Oh my goodness, that campaign is hilarious... How many people do you think will change their name in order to get a free burrito?

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. haha! I totally didn't know what a bob was either. I'm always about 7 million steps behind everyone else, so usually my friends will explain things to me without me even having to ask. it's quite nice, actually. makes life loads easier when you actually know what's going on. ;)

  3. Ohmygoodness this was too funny! I can totally picture the whole moment. You being totally serious with your question and your friends laughing hysterically. And then you smiling and saying, "What??" Haha. I'm almost positive that i've had similar scenarios. Thanks for making me laugh.

  4. Oh my gosh, I thought the bob that you were talking about was the hairstyle! Haha this is too funny, and I've had some 'major blonde moments' when I just forget and look so stupid in front of everyone lol :) x


  5. Ha. I probably would have been just as confused, because that is a completely weird campaign. I've never been too worried about bobs going extinct. Lol! Maybe because I have an Uncle Bob, maybe because . . . why does it matter, again?

  6. Funny story, happens to the best of us, you'll thank your embarrassment later, because it gives us stories to tell our children and grand children :)

  7. you, megan, are priceless.
    -jocee <3

    1. also: YES AVENGERS WAS AMAZING AND LA VIDA LOKI. i kneeled. burn. also: all caps was totes necessary.

  8. Oh my, this was hilarious. HAVE I had a major blonde moment? Pretty much every day of my life. Last year I found out that pickles are made from cucumbers. :)

  9. Hahahahaa!! Everyone has blonde moments... some more than others.. like myself. ;)

  10. That was funny. :)
    I have had several.....and they alwasy seem to be infront of A TON of people! Usually the same people, too. :)