tattered and bruised, dazed and confused

we really enjoyed reading this submission, and i do hope you'll feel encouraged when you read it. so please give some love to lacey, and do stop by her blog! 
Typically, I'm a very happy & bubbly gal; and while joy is an undertone I tend to have, life is not always a bedazzedly wonderful situation. Especially when people let me down. So easily our confidence is in mere mortals, we know they are prone to the same mistakes we are, yet we still, sometime reluctantly, give trust another go around. People are finicky. Some people have experienced physical abuse, and may find it extremely hard to put faith in another person. Even still, others have just been astonished and wounded by people who used to be friends; all they can do is wander aimlessly with a confused expression, full of disbelief. This may or may not be you, but I can bank on the fact that we have all had our fair share of run-ins with disappointment.

One of the most important things I've ever learned is the art and delicacy of forgiveness. It's an ongoing skill and characteristic that has to be apart of you and me just as the language is on the tongue of a native, or as smooth as a well oiled machine. It's a given that forgiveness is a good thing, but clearly, it is another to actually do the forgiving. It's not something you or I will grow out of in time, nor will it ever become an easier action that leads to second nature unless, you proactively practice what you yourself want to receive. We all know the power of words; good, beautiful, elegant words, and mean, hurtful words can have equal gusto. However, fresh, ingeniously organized words evoke a starkly different reaction than those words that take shape as pointed daggers that fly straight to one's heart. It has been said that "the tongue is a small member of the body" yet a very powerful one. How have you been using your words lately? How will you begin to use your words?

It is very important to forgive when you've been hurt because once you've tied up the loose ends, your healing will rise speedily, your wounds seal shut, and your scars diminish. It will never be the easiest thing you've done, but give it a whirl, see what happens.

Put your big girl undies on, and :: forgive. 
p.s. You may recognize the dog in the photo, yes that's Stiggy, Gracie's dog. We're real life buds :)


  1. This post is so meaningful, I love it! And that picture of you and Gracie's dog is so adorablee :) xx


  2. Love this! So beautifully written!

  3. this is great. it's so important to forgive. Jesus forgave after we beat Him and mocked Him and spit on Him. He forgave in a way our human minds can only barely grasp.
    so glad we could have you, Lacey!
    Stiggy is the cutest ever, btw.

  4. wow. this. this... i really needed to read this :)

  5. yes. and amen. forgiveness brings such a beautiful glory to our Lord... especially since is comes straight from him!

  6. Hey Lacey!! I just found your blog and I'm your 20th follower! :) I love your blog, and this post! It is hard to believe how Jesus could forgive such sinful people like us =\ care to check out my blog and follow me perhaps? <3