my sanctuary

It's the place I go when I need to be alone. When the walls around me are confining, and I need space to breathe. It's my hideout, where I think things through, write, and dream. It's my place where I go to be me, and where I don't need to be anything more. 
 It's where where I find quiet. When I'm alone in the fields with the sky above me I feel free, and there's just nothing like it. I feel like I can go where I want to go...be who I wanna be...and there's nothing holding me back. 
   It's big and beautiful and there's always more to learn, there's always more to see, always more to remember, always more that inspires me climb higher, and dream bigger. And when I get caught up in the daily trials, I take the wooded outside path again, and stay until I have arranged my thoughts.
Because life is more than the day-to-day struggles and difficulties. It's so much more than that. Life is about following God. It's about being who you are, and who God's called you to be. It's about remembering what's really important, and what will last forever. Because things like, love, and faith, and God...those are the things that really matter...and always will.


carli nicole


  1. Wow I love this so much Carli. You are a wonderful writer.

  2. These pictures are just lovely and your writing is wonderful! I just love love love this post, and that last line is just everything xx

  3. Mmm... this post is like a breath of fresh air. Beautifully written, Carli. :) Love the photos.

  4. love this... beautiful photos too. glad we could have you!

  5. This is beautiful, and such a good reminder. It's so easy to lose track in our day to day lives.

  6. The last paragraph is beautifully written. In fact, I wrote it down as a reminder ;) I hope you have a fabulous week girl!

  7. I'm not a believer, I don't want anyone else to tell me who I am or am supposed to be.