Old Family Treasures

I've always loved old things. 
Ever since I can remember, I've gone antiquing with my mom and collecting old treasures. But the best treasures are the ones that come from a few branches up the family tree. 

My grandparents came to town yesterday, and my grandma brought my sister and me a treasure. This little  treasure, although probably not worth much, meant more to us than any fifty-dollar bill. It was a beautiful sketch by my great grandma Helen, drawn sometime in the mid-thirties.

great grandma Helen
When grandma revealed the brittle, yellowed paper, my sister and I gasped and oohed. Something so old and yet a piece of family history at the same time. The girls in the picture wore feminine clothes, obviously made for the thirties, which made me want to step into the picture and stand right there at the moment it was drawn.

We decided to frame it. It will hang on our walls for years, and remind us of the legacy of our grandmother and spur us to be remembered like her. It may also spur me to brush up on my sketching.

Do you have any old family treasures?



  1. Eeek!! That is so lovely!!

  2. this is so lovely, and she's beautiful!
    -jocee <3

  3. This is so awesome! My grandma actually gave me a painting of my great-great-grandmother and it's so fun comparing features and imagining what her life was like!

  4. this is so lovely + so sweet!

  5. This is truly wonderful, and your great granma is beautiful! xx

  6. gah! i love this so much! :D

  7. oh my goodness!!! Sooo awesome!!