the filmmakers journey

i hope you enjoy this lovely post by morgan! it is very informative and entertaining about the world of filmmaking, something that i (jocee) want to possibly get into in later years. do read and show her some love at her blog!

It all started with a daydream. I was thirteen, the summer of 0'9. I have always loved building forts and dressing up and calling all my friends over to play house. That was my utopia.

So on an ordinary summer day , I was cleaning out "my" land (actually it's the backyard where all my "houses" are built). And then, boom! An idea for a movie struck me! Which was weird because making movies was never anything I had ever thought about. But suddenly here I was in my dress up skirt determined to make a movie about the mid-west. So, what I did was quickly emailed all my friends and started writing out my ideas. All of them quickly agreed and only a few days later we shot my first movie; Little Clinic in the Woods. The story was about three girls moving from New York city to a place called Sikeston Missouri. Being use to the city life they were, the girls naturally had a few struggles adjusting to their new life. I was so proud of my first movie! But we had a few problems..  Back in those days my family still owned one of those big clunky video cameras that took vhs, so the battery was either dying or I was running out of tape space. But all to say we had alot of fun, and I was forever hooked on movie-making.

A few years passed and I was still making movies , but I felt like it was time to move on to more interesting stories, and not just my amateur comedies.  So last Fall, I came up with yet another idea. Robin Hood. Well, technically it's Robin & Rowan Hood, the epic story of a peasant girl who has skill with the bow. I spent seven months on that film, when all my other movies just took a few hours. But I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute! I am very proud of it, and I am looking forward to my next movie idea ;)
I have learned alot about being a director. Mostly about myself. I have always liked organizing, directing various projects and of course sewing and dressing up. I found it pretty cool how everything I am interested (almost everything) falls under the category of film. It has been an amazing journey. Last year I won a library video contest in which the reward was $50 gift card to Best-Buy. I used that to buy a more in depth software. That same week I was blessed with a really really good video camera, which I still use.
And this summer I am filming my Uncle's wedding.
I am a dreamer. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Right now I am almost seventeen, I am a photographer, writer, designer and many many other things.
I hope you enjoyed a little bit about my story. The place at where I am now, is because I listened to a daydream the summer of 09.



  1. This is awesome! I wrote a script for a movie with my friends once. But there were only four of us, so it was kind of starring, written, and directed by me. It's a great memory for me. It was SO fun to make. Good luck with your film-making!

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  2. wow. this is amazing. you thrilled me to the bone.
    love it.

  3. Doing what you love is great, and this is absolutely lovely! Movies are really fun to make and watch :) Good luck on your future movies xx

  4. Have you published any of your movies? They sound exciting! I want to see them!

    1. Thanks Esther! You can find some of my movies on youtube @ gymcatgurl. Robin & Rowan Hood is on there now. :)

  5. Wow! This is amazing! My friend, sister, and I put on 2 plays for our parents a couple years ago. It was fun! And I do acting, which is really fun!


  6. wow! this is really cool. film-making is a career choice i'm strongly considering, and this is very inspiring to me. :)