a pre-summer list that includes playing in the bathtub.

there are atleast three things that your average person looks forward to. 1} their birthday, 2} Christmas, and 3} summer. so we're in the homestretch of the school year, and the world seems to be itching to get on that sunscreen and take off to the beach, but since we're not quite there yet {unless you go to a private college, in which case, i envy you} here's a pre-summer list of things to do to make the end of your school year just-plain-old-beastly. 
  • read on the porch. i'm not exactly sure where all of you live, but if you live down south like me, the heat isn't always the best thing in the world. so, get a good book or a journal, and read or write in the morning. it tends to be cooler, and you can snap some pictures as well!
  • make a motivational playlist. we've all got finals coming up, haven't we? {i don't, huzzah!} whether you know you've got it in the bag or you're totally scared of the outcome, you can still put on the rocky soundtrack get hyped. besides, who doesn't love rocky?
  • have a party in your bathtub. i'm serious. if your neighborhood pool isn't open yet or the beach is far away, just get a bathing suit, some sunscreen, kool-aid and some rubber duckies and enter into your beachy paradise. let's not forget those sunglasses from tiffany's. 
  • buy something new. i'm not one to shop often, but when i do, i always try to take something home with me. whether it be a hand or a headband or that new volume of kinfolk, indulge so you can show it off during the summer months. 
  • try something different. i'm the type of girl who gets the exact same thing at a restaurant. so next time you go out to eat? try something new, and surprise the waiters! you never know what you'll like. 
  • and lastly: eat a cupcake. that needs no explanation. 


  1. Ha. You crack me up!:) I will join you & try out that list myself.:D

  2. the only one of these things I haven't done recently is eat a cupcake. tragic, but the truth.


  3. What a lovely little list :b

  4. this. this right here is amazingly awesome in every way.
    oh, and guess who tried something new at dairy queen today?! that's right, i did! i'm so proud of myself :P
    again i say this is just amazingly awesome. and you're just amazingly awesome.

  5. love this list, especially the party in the bath tub. totally my kind of thing:) haha!

    p.s. i want fresh pineapple now=/ daggum.

  6. these ideas are amazing, It's already summer from where I'm at, so i can't wait to try them out! xx


  7. This should be some kind of rule book. Reading/writing on a porch, bathtub parties, and cupcakes? I'm in! ;)

  8. haha i'm TOTALLY the girl to order the exact same thing at the restaurants...always, that's me. perhaps i should try something new. :)
    (BUT I LIKE WHAT I GET!! {in a whiny voice}) hehe. :)

  9. ahhh! jocee! i LOVE this! thank you sosososo much.

    xo || acacia

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  11. i think i'll need to plan myself a bathtub party now :) it seems like such a fun way to relax! :)

  12. Haha, love your ideas, simply love. <3