at 11:30pm

window at dawn

it was 11:30pm, Kendall and I both had tests the next day, and busy schedules to wake up to.  so, naturally, we decided to watch a movie and play monopoly.
we took four hours deciding which game piece to be (I chose the Titanic, of course, which Kendall replied to by saying "you're going down."  because cheesy puns are frequent here).
every now and then we'd realize ohmygosh it's 1am and I have to get up in 5 hours, but then we would carry on with the game playing and the movie watching and the belly laughing.
it's in that moment I realize this is what makes life special.

it wasn't until last wednesday at around 3:30am that I sat up in bed and realized "I didn't post on AOU. O.O"  sorry about that.  sometimes I come to the conclusion that I'm human and I forget things.
but then I quickly brush it off with a nah.


  1. "You're going down." HA. Good one. I love late nights that are spent awesomely!

    Abbie // XOXOX

  2. Haha, you guys sound like you had lots of fun! It's nice to stay up late sometimes, haha xx

  3. gorgeous. <3 and haha that pun.. kills me. ;)


  4. This sounds like you had fun! :)


  5. hee hee, so often i do the same. "i have stuff to do tomorrow.. but i won't stay up past 2, i promise."

    oh, yeah, that's why it's called "ordinary utopia" right? because "ordinary" people forget to post sometimes. we forgive you :p

  6. jessica nailed the "ordinary" bit.
    also, yes, yes you are going down. but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO DOWN WITH JACK?!
    i'm telling you: it should've. been. rose. and i stand by this theory until inception washes him up on the beach.

  7. i love staying up late like that. my mom is pretty much my best friend and sometimes when my dad leaves town for work we stay up till 4am or so.....watching corny tv shows, eating till our stomachs feel like helium-overdosed-balloons, and laugh like idiots, just because we can. :)

  8. i love how real this is. i do it WAY too often :)

  9. Haha so me and my bro!!! Sometimes if I know he's in his room reading, I'll grab a book and just go read with him for hours.

  10. sounds like so much fun!! it's so great to be teenagers. :)