the power of unspoken

please, don't feel the need to say anything. bask in the silence. explore the world in which words are not mandatory. i find that in life, words are not needed as much as it is let on. we can just as easily communicate with our bodies, and with our emotions, and those words that are produced can be much more powerful than the words that are made with our mouths. this morning, i've had the privilege to explore such a world. i've let music communicate. writings. the way the birds stare at me from their perches outside. i've had the chance to blink and a photograph -memory- has been etched into my brain. i've watched the sun make patterns on the driveway; the clouds travel from one town to the next. and you know what? it's beautiful.

there is a mixture of pleasure and awe when it comes to the power of the unspoken. a euphoria that wraps itself around you, warming you, comforting you; in that moment you find you don't need anything else. silence. and it truly is golden.



  1. I'm speechless. This was beautiful!

  2. speechless and stunned at something so perfectly written :)

  3. this was wonderful. beautiful. magnificent. i'm in awe.
    how do you do it, darling?

  4. I'm speechless Jocee, just beautiful!

  5. You seriously have a way with words. (and non-words.)