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~Dreams, sweet dreams~
~Flooding my mind with memories~
~Of people and faces and objects and places I love~
~Dreams, sweet dreams~ 
~Don't go away from me~
~Without you, sleep is a nightmare~
I'm a believer in dreams.
Not dreams like hopes and dreams. 
Those are all fine and dandy in their own way.
But dreams. When you go to sleep and are transported into a whole other world! 
I must say though, my dreams are usually quite bizarre. 
They are all over the place and never very clear. The details are all fuzzy. 
Everything in my dreams constantly change and its quite random. 
However, there are those moments every once in a while of pure genius. It is a gift from God. 
I dream about weird details that I want to use in stories. 
I dream about getting engaged and I see the ring in detail. 
I dream about having a son and naming him Luke. 
I'm a big fan of dreams. I do believe that God still uses dreams.
I've had several dreams where something happens in the dream and then it happens in real life!
For example. Once I dreamed it was pouring rain! Just pouring and pouring and pouring! 
Then I woke up and it was pouring rain outside. I live in SoCal and it never rains in the summer. 
This happened around summer time (like before or after summer. I can't remember)
 where we hadn't had rain in a long time and weren't expecting it either. It was so trippy.  
Or another time where I dreamed about specific things happening in a day and it all came true.
I guess another reason why I'm such a believer in dreams is because thats how I got my name. People always ask me about my name and compliment me on it. 
When my parents were first married, before that had any kids, my dad randomly woke up one night and looked at my mom and said, "Her name will be Tessica!" My mom thought he was crazy because she wasn't pregnant and just went back to sleep. And then a couple years later they had a boy. and thennnn a couple years after that they had me. It was all because of a dream.

And thats the story of my name.
And thats also the reason why I believe in dreams. 

Much Love,


  1. Great post TessieB! & your pictures are wonderful!

    My little brother's name is Luke. :)

  2. Love this! I'm a big fan of dreams too - I've recently started writing my dreams down and THEY ARE SO WEIRD. Once I dreamed I was trying to fashion blog but I was a clown, it started raining, then we jumped on this huge dome thing and I was holding a dead chicken by its feet.

  3. oh, I love dreaming. I have the most awkward dreams ever..

  4. thanks so much for submitting, girl! your words and photos are fantastic. can i just live with you for a day?

  5. Last night, I dreamt that my friend whom I haven't seen in 2 years who is coming in May was at my house, and she didn't want to do anything I suggested. And during the dream, my glasses weren't working and I was really dizzy. Anyways...

    That's such a cool story about your name! And I love the first, third, and fourth pictures!

    Abbie /// XOXOX