a day in the life

i'm considered to be a busy person. i'm in the car more hours than i care to count, and if you saw me on a weekday i'd most likely be wearing sweatpants and an old swim team shirt with my computer bag on my arm and my camera around my neck. though i'm constantly on the go, i love to capture those little snippits in life that most people don't have time for.

today? today is one of those days. i don't have time for school, i've eaten and i'm already dressed, i'm working on thank you cards and charging my camera battery and playing beethoven's moonlight sonata just one more time. but today is also different. because in the midst of the hustle and the bustle of everyday life, i'll be making new memories with my family, memories that we'll be looking back on with pride in the next twenty years.

what about you?


  1. I loveee your vintage shirt!! <3

  2. Love this!! Your pictures are amazing! =)

  3. Is that a dress? It's bee-yoo-tiful ^_^

  4. Umm, Jocee... you're amazing. lovely pics and be-yootiful dress!! I can't believe what's happening to you today. You should feel the happy-ness in my heart for you. Even my big brother said 'that's really cool!'
    You should be so proud.

  5. your dress and photos, everything is just so amazing! check my blog out sometime? x

  6. dude! Your photos are so cool! Also, you sound like me. Sweat-pants, t-shirt, computer bag and camera. yup. thats me. :)

  7. oh, jocee, you make my day, every time you blog.

  8. Aw, that is so exciting! How'd it go? I must know. :) Beautiful post, and gorgeous pictures. :)