cue the music

the music begins. i sway back and forth to the sound of the Mexican folk music, a smile slowly spreading across my face as each girl moves to their place in line, just the way they rehearsed. the costumes are so bright and colorful, each one representing a different state in Mexico. pride bubbles up inside of me as i watch my little sister carefully balance a real glass of water on her head as she dances. each girl in the class had to balance a glass of water, and i waited for one to fall. nothing. the dance was perfect. perfect. i tried to hold back the happy tears that came as their teacher told everyone in the room just how proud she was of each of her students. this was the first group she had taught since her mama died a year and a half ago. a lone tear fell done my cheek. it was so beautiful, they were all so beautiful. this is a sweet memory that i will cherish forever.


  1. i love it. i love this. yes.
    -jocee <3

  2. beautiful... :) i love this, too!! i can just see the dancers.............

  3. So well put, I felt like I was there :D

  4. I only have one word for you today; love.