to celebrate.

The moon was full and it shone down on us. We stood in the middle of the street in Maddy's cul-de-sac in our socks. We could only see silhouettes of each other but it was okay. Hailey fiddled with her phone and turned on some music. Guns and Roses, I think it was.

I was crazy. I was so happy off of life. I wanted to shout. Or scream. I really wanted to celebrate. But of course it was nine o'clock at night, so I couldn't.

So I started to dance. Like a fish, but I still call it dancing. It wasn't graceful or anything, it was just a silly way of expressing myself. I urged Maddy and Hailey to join me. We danced for about ten or fifteen minutes until they practically had to drag me inside. I don't know if they knew what we were celebrating, but I knew.

My life is so wonderful, I would seriously not trade it for anything. I have an ordinary, and somewhat crazy/bizarre life, but it's a great one, and I'm so thankful that God gave it to me.

xo, Hayley


  1. What were you celebrating? lol.


  2. life is definitely worth celebrating :)

  3. it's amazing how some things just don't need photos. beautiful post, hayley. life is beautiful, no?
    -jocee <3

  4. Beautiful post! Life is worth celebrating! :)

  5. I've had that feeling before...it's the best!