Rooftop Girl

I'm kind of an odd girl when it comes to places and spaces. I love cozy nooks and most small areas. I used to have picnics under the kitchen table and sometimes I just go find a corner of my house and sit in it to read. But other than these, I have one favorite escape: my roof.

I don't know when we started going up there, but ever since my brother started the trend years ago, it's
been my favorite.

Sometimes I go there to read, other times to think and write. Or lay out in the sun, or watch the stars. When our friends come from Minnesota, we stand on the roof and look over until they pull into the driveway.

On the roof, I've had happy memories and sad ones, but no matter what, when I'm up there, I can't help feeling close to God. Being away from everyone in the quietness, just staring at His creation for miles around. From the close side of the country to the far edge of town and the setting sun right in front of me, there's no way of not feeling inspired and thankful.

Of course, there are also those moments when you neighbor sees you standing at the tip top of your roof and stares at you strangely from her backyard. Or when you're taking a photo shoot up there and a guy you know walks by. But these occasions are few, so they don't stop me.

What is your favorite place?

aka The Rooftop Girl


  1. I would love to have a roof that's convenient for sitting on. =)

  2. I wish I weren't afraid of heights. As it is, I can't even make it up a ladder.

    My favorite place is my bedroom. It's the only place that I can claim as "MINE." When you live in a house of ten, you learn to appreciate personal space more ;D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. haha! the roof at my house isn't so great for this, but at the beach house that we've gone to for a couple of years, we all love to sit on the roof and people-watch. love it :)

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that is so way cool. I love rooftops. My favorite place? Hmm...I have lots of favorites. But one of my top faves would have to be sitting at the end of our dock; staring out over the water and looking up at the treetops. <3
    Great post!

  5. my favorite place would be in my school area. the computer's there, the piano is there, and i can see most of the day from the span of my window. it's a beautiful place, but i think that i'll have to sit on top of my roof, too. we'll see what happens ;)
    -jocee <3

  6. I love sitting on the roof! That volume of fairy tales is so pretty.

  7. I've always wanted to sit on the roof and look at the stars, but I think my roof is really unsafe.

  8. I've always wanted to have an accessible rooftop in my home, but until then I have a little pond near my house that's surrounded by neat looking plants and a ton of ducks. It's so quiet and nice, so that's normally where my thinking is done!

  9. i like sitting under my desk--it's kind of a big desk, as several people sit there at once. but it's under three windows so a lot of light shines under there and makes it really cozy. weird right? hey, you sit on a roof, i think i'm at least partially sane... ;) just kidding. nice post :D


  10. That sounds just amazing, Lindsey, I wish I had a roof to relax on. :P Since I don't, the only place I can relax, unwind, and receive inspiration is my bedroom. So many dreams, ideas, and fansties made up, created, and thought about in that space. :)

  11. <3 I have always wished we had an easy to climb on roof. As it is, it is nearly impossible to get on ours. So, My favorite place might be my corner of the couch (which no one else sits in when we are watching a movie), Curled up with a book in my bed, or here in this seat reading fantastic blogs. xD <3

  12. AWESOME. Wish my mom would let me go on the roof. ;)

  13. That sounds like a lovely place to go and sit! I wish I could sit on my roof...
    My favorite place is my bed. I have my books and knitting close by next to a window that overlooks my backyard. I love it.

  14. I really enjoy my room because it's mine and it's {almost} always the quietest place for me. I wish I could go on my roof! That would be awesome!