In which home schoolers take a trip and live to tell the tale.

pictured: Jonathan, Jordan, Becca (teacher), Melissa, Whitney, Me, Marissa. Not pictured: the moms Pattie + Maddie Anne, younger siblings Meredith + Mallory, and becca's boyfriend Chris. [PICTURE BY MY MOTHER]
chris, (becca, whitney,) mallory, meredith.
Our homeschool-history class (+ a few others) took a field trip today. It was full of lots of things:
• Stifling laughs as the tour guide says "you're probably married, aren't you?" to the teacher's boyfriend.
• "Whoa. The babies were lucky! Their carriages were as fancy as cars." -Chris
• "You just don't want to look at it because you don't like the font." -Melissa, to me.
• "Oh look. We're segregated." -Melissa
• Writing character profiles on the way up.
• Forgetting my memory card and being happy Marissa brought hers.
• Impromptu Dairy Queen stops afterward.

I guess homeschoolers can survive outside of their basements.
xo. megan kristine


  1. Hahahahaha, I love this. Especially the "You just don't want to look at it because you don't like the font." and the " I guess homeschoolers can survive outside of their basements."

    I love this. :))) Gorgeous pictures as always! :))))


  2. Your post title cracked me up. We crazy homeschoolers :) (Not to offend anyone, of course.) Homeschooling is the best!! Love live us! Okay, I'm done.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  3. Homeschoolers can survive outside of their basements? :O NO WAY! ;D

  4. Wait... homeschoolers can actually be social? Whoa. But seriously, this post is one of the best. And you're hilarious and you make me laugh.

  5. Eep, that second picture is SO beautiful; looks like a fun trip! Your words made me smile on the outside and laugh within. :)

  6. AH, that brick house is so gorgeous! I love old houses. ^_^

  7. that looks like so much fun! :D i love goin places... :)

  8. i have a question about the seventh picture: why are you all standing there touching a car? if you're not, my bad, but if you are, this is hilarious.
    -jocee <3

    1. haha. We were all standing around deciding if we wanted to go stop for ice cream and I've got no idea why they're touching the car like they've never seen one before. Great homeschooler picture, though, right? :)

  9. That trip made me laugh so hard, and when the tour guide asked Chris "You're probably married, aren't you?" Wow it took every fiber in my being not to explode with laughter:) I can't wait tell the next field trip.

  10. That looks like fun :) We are a little crazy sometimes too!! :) This totally made my day :)

  11. LOL! :D That looks like a blast. ^_^ I 'specially love the title. xD

  12. hahah, I just love homeschooler jokes, when homeschoolers are the ones making them. if not however, I shall defend our honor fiercely. ;)

  13. It looks like you had lots of fun!!! I know its a surprise... us homeschoolers can survive out side of the basement! Im even on the public high school track team! I know crazy!!! hahaha homeschool jokes are great!

    In Christ