hey, cupcake.

well, hello, darling.
you look absolutely delicious.
with your white lining and your multi-colored top,
it's just so hard not to eat you all up.
i'm ever-so glad i scored you after swim practice,
you know how everyone else is so greedy when it comes to you.
but i? no i'm different. i'll treat you like a queen.
because that's what you deserve, no?
i'll peel away the paper,
then lick away all your vanilla icing,
and nibble on the red and orange sprinkles.
and then i'll take a bite and float out of my body and hover around on the ceiling.
i like the fact that you're cake in cup form.
i like the fact that you taste yummy.
like Jesus came down to earth and blessed you Himself.
and when i take the last bite,
my tongue is a symphony of different tastes.
mostly sweet, because that's what you are.
and i'm glad that God created you to be a cupcake.



  1. ah...cupcakes...such lovely pieces of heaven... thanks for the laugh today girlie!


  2. i like this. a lot.
    cupcakes are indeed the most amazing little things on the planet.

  3. I've always believed that cupcakes are a little circle of happiness :D

  4. Mmm cupcakes! Your cupcake posts always make me starving! ;)

  5. goodness! i'm salivating after reading that poem. gosh, don't do that to me, please. (^:

  6. You know you're not supposed to do that without sending me a cupcake. Cupcake in exchange for snow. k? k.

  7. Oh gosh. Stop the overload of amazingness. Okay? K.

    This was just lovely!

  8. Cupcakes are so good...As long as they aren't store-bought
    Needless to say, I now need a cupcake

  9. Yummy! That looks delicious! I love how you described the cupcake in so many different ways, but still thanked God in the whole process. :) Great post!