leading that simple life

mommy, look at those two houses over there. the white one and the green one? yes, those are my future homes.
i've always thought about what i want to do when i grow up. i know i want to be a musician, to write music for the movies; to write, but other than that, it's still a work in progress.

there are these two houses i see every wednesday, to and fro my piano teacher's house. one's white with pillars all around, with a balcony and a sitting area on the roof, and the other is green with see-through window and a short balcony on the side. both have spacious backyards, and they're both right next to each other. i might have been the second of third time i saw them that i whispered, "those are going to be my homes."

i've begun to imagine what i'd do when i finally owned them. build a library in both. one for books, one for books on tape, and one for music {vinyl and cd's}. i'd cook homemade spaghetti in the kitchen, with basil and fresh-cut tomatoes and thick pasta noodles and maybe have a glass of punch on the side. make my own bread sometimes, and my own ice cream, and even have a special cabinet just for tea!

and when i'd tire of one home, i'd just pack up my groceries and head to the other. or, i could invite one of my best friends to stay over, and we'd migrate from one house to the next.

i'd have a book club, and a writing club. a music club, and a food club. i'd sit with my husband - yes, during the football games -, and curl up with an oversized mug full of tea. have you ever realized the effect of leading a simple life? sitting in that favorite chair or in your favorite position on the couch, reading kinfolk and listening to music. it encases you in that sort of aura, that euphoria that you want to follow you forever. that's what i want to do when i grow up.

what about you?


  1. This was too lovely. Can I live in the little house next to you? :)
    Grreat post (and lovely picture)!
    Lindsey Lou

    1. consider it done! i'll plant some cherry blossom trees in the back and we can photograph to our hearts content ;)

  2. Such a beautiful post Jocee! I've never thought of owning two houses next to each other, but it would be kind of neat!

  3. I love this post. <3 That does sound terribly lovely. ^_^

  4. Oh! that sounds so lovely! I love simple living. Just sitting around drinking tea and reading. :) love this post.