in my bedroom

i've been in the same place all my life. same city, same neighborhood, same street, same house. my family has traveled the country but we've never had to pack the generic cardboard boxes full of our belongings and leave. where i am right now, it's home.

i wake up every morning to the sunlight seeping into my yellow walls, or the cloudiness casting its haze and shadow. i turn back my white comforter and stretch a little, sitting upright before actually getting out of the bed. it's a process for me. a process that i didn't realize i created until just a few weeks ago.

we're like birds, you know. born in mommy's nest, then gathering strength and gathering knowledge to survive in the world on our own, and eventually make our own nest. from day one, it's like a timer. counting down the days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds until we say our last goodbyes. i don't want that day to come, but i know it must, and soon i'll be the mommy to my own little birds.

my timer is running out. but until it beeps, i'll drink in every detail of what i have now. the purple closet because i wasn't good at color coordination. the headboard and the dresser. the dolls that sit under my windowsill. this is sacred to me, precious. and i'll hold onto every last bit of it, even after i have to let go.

what about your room?


  1. wow, this was good. and i love those pictures in frames♥


  2. lovely post jocee :) my room is my haven. it's where i read, listen to music, write, and, often, just think. i've always wanted to design my own room, with sky blue walls (or maybe pale yellow) sheer white curtains and beachy furniture, my photography hanging in pretty frames all around me...ah to have that perfect place. but even with my room now, with its boring empty walls, the mismatched furniture, the nail polish stain on the carpet...that's all i've ever really known, it says 'home' to me. and now i'm moving, yes with the generic cardboard boxes in tow, and i'll be starting all over with my "haven" :)

  3. Yellow walls? <3 I like yellow a whole lot. My walls are very very white, but I have a metal bed frame that I spray-painted yellow. It makes me happy every day to wake up in my yellow bed. =) I also have a round green chair and a bookcase. Also stacks and stacks of books on every flat surface. :D
    I move quite a lot. In fact, four years is the longest time that I've lived in one place. But I like setting up my room . . . painting the walls, organizing the furniture, adding little details . . . the little details are the best. =)

  4. P.S. How do you pull off a white comforter? I'd probably spill nail polish on it or smear chocolate on it.
    P.P.S. A few days ago my little brother referred to his comforter as his "comfortable" I thought it was very appropriate. I will now be referring to my um, poufy blanket as my comfortable.

    1. hehe! well, i'm not allowed to eat in my room, unless it's my birthday or i'm home alone or i'm sick or something. i rarely paint my nails, so that solves that problem. {i'm really lazy when it comes to that stuff.} my bedroom color scheme is yellow, white, and pastel green {save the purple closet, of course} and i wanted some more white, because it tends to keep me cool at night, and not too hot either, so i bought the comforter. i think it's lovely.

      {pea ess: i'm the queen of run-on sentences, if you haven't noticed. actually, jane austen is the queen, i'm merely the princess ;)}

  5. Those pictures? OH. MY. GOLLY. GOSH. Jocee? - Did you take them? I'm talking of the picture of the picture! Not the pictures IN the pictures! - (the pictures on this post.) How do you edit your photos?
    I love this post. My favorite of yours on OU so far.



    1. oh, acacia-dearheart. i love your virtual fangirl personality.
      yes, i took the picture of the pictures. aren't they good? i seriously didn't think my measly point + shoot was capable of that. but overhead pictures seem to be my specialty now, and my white comforter seems to make a good background. and the lighting in my room is always on my side.

      i use pixlr express because picnik is closing and i love pixlr's retro vintage effects. aren't they magical?

  6. nice post!
    I never spend time in my room. I share a room with my sister and its pretty small and cramped.

  7. Lovely post :) My room is blue, and pretty much an eclectic mish mash of bits and pieces of my life... It's kind of cluttered, but it's my space nontheless. :)

    ~ Abby

  8. Jealous of your white comforter. I've always wanted a white comforter. Which is kinda funny since mine is pretty much every color you can imagine. ;)

  9. my room is small. very small. with off-white walls and it is covered in little things that are of no value to anyone but myself. i have pictures and mason jars and glow-in-the-dark stars all over the place. there are two small windows and one large one, two bookshelves (one on the wall, one on the floor), and a closet. and there are only four main pieces of furniture in my room, since that's all it can really fit.
    also, i reallyreallyreally like this post.
    a lot.
    i think i'm done now.

  10. I have never had my own room...It sounds lovely though. :) I would love to be able to paint, rearrange, and clutter to my hearts content. ^_^ Oh well. I really like those pictures!! :D

  11. I LOVE MY ROOM:) Its bright pink pink pink on the walls except one is black and it has paris theme-ish goin on and it has black&white and grey slash silver accents and i love it i love it:) Its my little nestling place.
    it also has owls in it.
    cos owls are awesome, thats why. ;)

  12. My room… There’s so much that can be hidden in those two words.
    I live in an old barn in the hay loft. Really, I do. I live in a corner, so I can have windows on two walls. My bed is built up high, so I can have my desk and filing cabinets under it. (I’m a writer and my office is in my room.) I have two doors leading to my bedroom. One is a secret half-door that looks like a bookshelf on the other side. Must I say any more? =)

    1. i'm jealous. can i move in with you?