those kids you're related to.

They're called siblings. You hold a special bond with them. You can talk about memories and moments you experienced together. Those wonderful times, and those not so wonderful times. Even if when you're all grown, you'll always share those mutual memories. I have three siblings- one brother and two sisters. My older sister and I are 9 years apart, my brother 7 years, and my little sister 8 years apart. Sometimes I wish I had a sibling really close in age to me, but being spread apart is wonderful too. I love these people so much.
Jamie - my older sister
When she was still living at home, we didn't always get along. We shared a room and I always wanted the lights on, and she wanted them off and she threatened to put ice cubes down my back if I didn't wake up one morning. But, she also took me out to the movies, put a Reese's peanut butter cup under my pillow and a whole lot of other nice things. Now she's married, has two little girls and another baby on the way. She's amazing and the best older sister ever. We like to go shopping together and drink lots of coffee. She's really funny, awesome and an all around amazing person. I'm so blessed to have her as my sister.

Tim - my older brother
When I was little and fell into a pool, he saved my life. He was really protective and good with me. When he became a teenager, we didn't get along. He "accidently" poured maple syrup over my head. Now we get along really well. He's such a good older brother. I was there to laugh at him, eat milkshakes and watch movies with him after he got his wisdom teeth out last year. When he went to Ireland for five months a few years ago, I couldn't wait for him to come home. On a recent road trip he told my little sister and I "scary/corny" stories, taught me how to count to ten in French. And since I have my drivers permit, he's gone driving with me a couple times. He's pretty cool.

Haley - my little sister
I prayed and prayed and prayed for a little sister when I was little. And God answered my prayers with Haley. When my dad, Jamie and Tim went to get food when we were at the hospital, I didn't want to go. I stayed, holding my new baby sister. I've seen her grow up into a sweet, caring, amazing eight year old. We don't always get along, but for the most part we do. She likes when I read my novels to her. We both Irish dance and she loves singing and acting. Sometimes I have to tell her to sing in the other room. She's awesome.
And me?

 Well, I'm a "home's cooler" kid who you can find doing history research just for the fun of it. Okay I admit it, I'm slightly nerdy, but only slightly. I love Jesus and this life he's given me. I write...a lot. I hope to be a published author. I take hundreds and hundreds of pictures on a weekly basis. I Irish dance. I like traveling, old fashioned things, reading, music, a good movie, coffee, tea, chocolate, simplicity, spending time with friends and family, running outside barefoot, smiling, cleaning my room (I know, I'm strange) and lots of other things.




  1. golly-goodness! you like cleaning your room? so i'm not the only one :)

  2. The title is awesome, and so is the post. It's interesting to get to know more about one's family! I can relate to a lot of this with my own siblings.

  3. I love this :)
    and your awesome.
    just sayin

  4. This is SUCH a great post!! :) It definitely captures the specialness of having a sibling. Your family sounds awesome.

    Gina X

  5. so much awesomeness here. if i tried to write a post like this, though, it would span a mile long, lol

  6. Thanks for telling us about you and your family, Emily! I enjoy cleaning my room, too - you're not alone! :)

  7. You make your family sound so lovely and awesome. I agree that siblings are the best. My brother and I are one year apart which is totally awesome except we hated eachother until we were in out late teens. We're all undercover nerds anyway so that's totally ok. and p.s. I love the way you write


  8. Irish dancing sounds so cool. I do ballet and tap, and dancing in general is my favorite!