mountain vacation

For almost as long as I can remember, we've gone to Colorado in the summertime. Our vacations consist of hiking mountains, climbing boulders, riding bikes and enjoying the cool air. Last year we didn't get this chance, so we're packing up the van and leaving tomorrow morning. I'll get to relive the fond memory of watching mile after mile of Kansas prairie passing, as I sit and take it all in, probably watching a movie or knitting a sweater. And once we get there, we'll step out of the car and smell that sweet Colorado air, and breathe it in like we're never going to breathe again. Oh, and see that little cutie up there with the crazy hair and giggly smile? She'll be turning a teenager while we're in the mountains. And my dad will be turning... one year older. ;)

What's your favorite vacation?



  1. okay, come see me!! seriously. you can't come to colorado and not visit! :D hope you have an amazing time!

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  3. oh,colorado! CO,Springs?- do you do Pike's Peak?
    my favorite vacay has to be:: Word Of Life,NY :)

  4. Hope you have a good time! I live in CO. Well not any more but I did!
    I now live in China. But It is a great state! I love it.

  5. that first and last picture! sheesh woman.
    have fun in colorado! the mountains are so beautiful. :)

  6. i love Colorado. i went there once a couple of years ago and it was just amazing.