a non-existent summer doesn't have to be so non-existent

my apologies for the last two non-posting weeks.  sheesh.  I didn't even know that was gonna happen until last wednesday when I thought everything was normal and right and good until it suddenly came to me that I hadn't posted on AOU for 2 weeks.  actually, I hadn't posted on any blog for 2 weeks.  my mom's side of the family came for a reunion for a couple weeks and I spent about 2.4 seconds on the computer total.  but it was nice to not be on the computer for once.  most of my days are spent sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the midst of the chaos in the house, typing or designing or editing away on the computer.  it was nice to realize that maybe I do have some sort of social life outside of the internet.  ;)
so I encourage you to take a break from the computer.  or not spend 8 hours on the computer per day.  whichever one is easiest for you at the moment.  enjoy the outdoors, enjoy your family, enjoy a life outside of a screen for a few hours today.
though I would recommend not leaving for 2 weeks and dropping all responsibility and expectancy down the drain.
not that I would ever do that.



  1. oh, abby. you're funny. and cool. and so is your family. and it's cool. so yeah. :)

  2. I was thinking about spending less time on the computer and more time doing other things this summer.

    (oh, and I LOVE the pictures!)