This Is What Summer Is For.

Despite the heat that makes 98 degrees feel like a freezer, yesterday my mom took my sister and me on an outing. We went to the European Market and filled our basket with chocolates, cookie wafers, and Mascarpone cheese. Then we checked out with our groupon coupon, so it was just like shopping for free. Next, we stopped by the fabric store, an antique loft, and finally we splurged on some Starbucks drinks. The three of us sat atop bar stools overlooking the passersby and sipped our drinks contentedly. A mocha frappuccino for Libby, a latte for mamma, and a passion tea lemonade for me. Ahh, this is the life. This  is what summer is for.

What is your summer for?



  1. i love the first, second, and last photos. this is so great. yes.

  2. This post SCREAMS summer. Such pretty photos! :)

  3. summer is for swimming, free time, bare feet, camp, and being alive.

  4. those pictures... those pictures. summer is beautiful, no?

  5. I just love the 4th shot.
    These all just capture summer so well.

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  7. Ohmyohmy. I seriously can't get enough of your photos. And posts. And words. And in general, your loveliness. :)


  8. I remember the European Market & the fabric store! Shopping for free? Awesome Groupons!! and it has also been scorching hot here too. :) But we have had some welcome relief yesterday & today! Great job on the pictures as always! :D

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