photographing butterflies or mentally freaking out

reading in the sun
dash cooling off in the grass
I think you'd be saying you're not an actual human being if you said you never lose inspiration. Or maybe that's just me? See, I'm in kind of a rut. It happens every now and then. Some days I lack inspiration entirely, and others I have so much that I can't seem to get anything out. Somehow though, I always pull out of the enormous hole that I'm in. But waiting for that to happen is a challenge in itself. It seems all the things I do - blog, write, photograph, create things - are put on hold until I can regain focus. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get anything worth keeping out of what I do. Every photograph gets trashed, every piece of writing gets deleted. Nothing that I produce makes sense. It's not coherent. I can't finish anything. It doesn't meet my standards. Even this post took much effort to piece together. 
Maybe you keep a list of things to do when you're stuck. Me? I usually wait and let it all come back to me. Sometimes I find inspiration again by taking walks outside or writing my feelings or photographing butterflies or mentally freaking out.
But inspiration is usually the one who finds me.



  1. I can completely relate. Most of last summer I was in an inspiration rut until I did a 30-day photo challenge - that was really a huge help and boost to me.

  2. agreed. wonderfully said, dear.

  3. amen. you just have to wait it out. cuz its not something you create, its something God gives you! in His own timing.

  4. honestly, you never stop making me laugh, and yes. totally agree. I was in an awful rut a couple of months ago. but somehow I popped back out. :)

  5. Haha, this is absolutely true! Your photographs are amazing by the way, and I think we can all relate to this xx

  6. yes yes yes. agreed. also. it'd take every ounce of my strength to take pictures of a butterfly.