this is what photography is.

sun-dappled fingertips.
let's go see some fireworks.
you flip the lens-cap off of your camera and stuff it in your pocket. as you flick the switch of the power button upwards, you run a few paces to keep up with your family that's walking on the bridge just to your right. you set your camera on continuous shooting, and snap snap snap. 

this is what photography is: as you click the shutter, it's like you're tapping into the time and space continuum with the world turning and clock ticking and scientific discoveries being made and teenagers having their first kiss for the twenty-ninth time and saying, let me have this moment. i want to remember this for a little while. maybe just for today, maybe until tomorrow, maybe for the rest of my life. but let me write this down in the big book of memories in my head with a sharp stone. because this? this is special.

and it is.