This goodbye.

This goodbye will be one of the hardest I will ever have to tell.
Where is the 'good' in any bye?
Today, will be my final day posting on An Ordinary Utopia.

It has been an amazing few months. Only a few months, have a been here, but I feel I shouldn't be here.
Lots of changes, and beautiful appearances have been made in my life, leaving little time to share those experiences with those who care most here on this blog.

Though I leave, I do not believe AOU is just a blog. AOU is a remembrance, of those memories that which need to be documented for those who look for hope in the lovely, great, possible, and ordinary.
AOU is a collection of scrapbooks of people who search for more.
I have found what I was meant to find here on this blog, and since I have taken all that I need, I will say goodbye and leave more for others who need it.

So, this is farewell. I wish everyone who wishes to read this post, every little desire of peace, safety, love, and sparkle. Keep in touch my little butterflies. I hope one day, if not yet already, you'll be able to spread your wings and fly.



  1. aww.. this is so bittersweet. you describe AOU perfectly though. I'll miss your posts, darling!
    just remember what dear old Pooh said “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

  2. So sad to see you go! You will be missed. sniff.
    But it was awesome having you post here! Love you.

  3. sad to see you go, steph.
    love you, sweet girl.

  4. "Where is the 'good' in the bye?" Sometimes, I wonder about that too. And we will all miss you bunches, Stephanie! But this farewell post is certainly one of the loveliest.

  5. no! please stay! purty please! i'll miss you. we'll miss you, girly. please email me! i don't want to loose contact with you.

  6. We'll miss you, Stephie! I understand how you feel, but I just wanted to say that I loved your posts here. :)
    All the best, sweet girlie! <3 <3 <3


  7. Good luck in all your future endevours and feel free to drop by me to anytime.

  8. Ohmigosh. Even though this is bittersweet indeed, I still think this post is really well written. And I love those words on the picture. Lovely. *hugs*