hold on

Spring calls out to you. It sends a breeze into your room from the open window. You inhale the fresh, raw scent of newness, of change. You want nothing more than to run outside & enjoy yourself. Just sit on the grass for hours upon hours with a lovely book. Stare at the wonderful blue that is the sky above. But you can't. Schoolwork & assignments are waiting to be finished.

Here's a little something to help you hold on, just a little longer. Summer will be worth it, darling.

hugs, eve


  1. AHHH.. IT'S THE NORTH & SOUTH SOUNDTRACK!!!! I promise you that was written in heaven. UGH. I am swooning right now. Not to mention I am totally in love with Richard Armitage. and just the movie in general.
    oh, and the last title, "Over Hill" is gorgeous.

  2. Summers are awesome, as is that soundtrack. Wow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The first thing I got from this was that it's NORTH AND SOUTH!!
    The end.

  4. this is a wonderful post, eve. this soundtrack and that photo, all i can say is just beautiful :)

  5. For some reason this just makes me want to cry. I don't know why. I guess the music and the words fit together so well that I just...asdfghjkl. Brilliant.