take apart a picture, this is what i get

despite the amateurish flair it's founded in, for me, this photo has a
special kind of significance and profoundness; a kind that maybe only i will understand.

the deeper blue up top symbolizes depth, reverence, and intensity.
the lighter shade is reminder that there always is an in-between to every situation; a good yet a bad; a peace yet an anxiety. there always seems to be a two-way mirror of how we perceive life.
the white is like the nakedness of everything; of youth, of pain, of fantasy. the rawness and purity of anything intangible. even though it's surrounded by massive amounts of other agents, it still remains pure and essential.

the tree is like life. you know what it is, what you're to do with it. yet it's still blurred and its fundamental essence is marred by the depths of the unknown. you know what you're dealing with, yet you're still in question of the truth and the sharper perceptions of reality.
the shades of orange are like the hope we seek through the messiness of certainty. hope isn't one noun; it's like a series of nouns with different levels of severity and senses of need. somethings we hope for desperately; other things are more in the box of passive desire.
but the hope is there nonetheless.

the bokeh reminds me of people. they're kind of there but not there. they're not gone, they've not necessarily abandoned us...but they come and go. the ones that matter deeply to us, that is. they sneakily climb in, they intermittently jump out. and they just...are.



  1. This is lovely, candace. I've never even considered a photo in that way, but it's beautiful.


  2. This is truly magnificent.

    I'm speechless.

  3. ...wow...

  4. Wao! That's a great photo review. I want you to do the same with one of mine, hahaha.

    1. absolutely Jonathan! :D email me a picture anytime.

  5. That's really cool how you interpreted you picture! I love the bokeh in it :)