if only you knew

sometimes it's like you understand me. like you get my innermost thoughts and absolute feelings. but i'm starting to wonder if you really do. if you ever did. you've begun pushing me way just as i was starting to open up to you. you say i confuse you. i say i'm sorry. you say it's alright. but i don't think you realize that it's really not alright. the way we keep at this mind game just isn't good. we both know what's going on here. you're falling for me. the way i fell for you a long time ago. and here i am, waiting and waiting for you to say something. but you say nothing because you don't know. how much i care for you. how much i still like you.


  1. i love this. the photo. the typography. your words. everything. it's just brilliant. xx.

  2. Yes oh yes oh yes, on my heart as I type this.

  3. This is beautiful, Candace. Ugh, and it breaks my heart because I know how this is and how this feels.
    Also, gorgeous photography + typography.

  4. These words fit together really nicely. I love your writing.