the effect of meaningless words

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Have you ever thought that maybe all the meaningless words make the meaningful words less loud? Have you ever thought that maybe with all the noise of the unimportant, the things that matter aren't being heard? Have you ever thought that the small talk is taking over?

I'm not opposed to small talk. Of course I'm not. I'm just not very good at it. I don't know why. I honestly don't. I just don't see the point I guess. I see the point from a socially acceptable viewpoint. But I don't see its general point. Does it have a point, other than being friendly? And is small talk actually friendly, or is it just something we do so there isn't silence? Do we feel refreshed or understood after engaging in small talk? Is there a point to all this noise?

Have you ever stood in a room full of chatter and wondered if all the chatter is taking over? If all the insignificant words are taking over? The important words aren't being heard because there's just too much noise? The meaningless words have an effect far from meaningless.

Would we listen more if there was less noise?

x, abby


  1. Wonderful thought-provoking post, Abby! This has been on my heart & mind on more than one occasion. I do think that we often let small talk take over. Not necessarily because we don't have anything else to say, but because we're afraid of being the ones to take the first step in stopping that flow of meaningless chatter. We are afraid of stepping out of our comfort zones & breaking out of the 'socially acceptable'. Courage. We need courage.

  2. EXACTLY my thoughts. COMPLETELY. :) Sometimes it's really crazy how alike we think, it's just I don't always say it. ;)

  3. Well.. something to think about for suuuure! That last sentence -- ahhhh.

  4. wowowowowow.

    i just might chew on this for awhile.

  5. Abby, this is marvelous, kind of echoing my thoughts for the past two weeks. It's so encouraging to know that there is someone else out there who cares about this sort of thing. Meaninful stuff is so much more important to talk about. :)

    Love ya!

  6. sometimes i just sit back and listen. listen to all the noise and everyone else going on. sometimes i think silence is best. but i like talking too. love these thoughts abby. xx

  7. You have a mind like the most brilliant person in the universe. This is incredibly profound and true.

  8. I read somewhere that writers shouldn't write about answers, they should write about questions. And, Abby dear, you've done that. This is a beautiful post. And Amelia is an absolute doll.

  9. Ack I love this! I totally agree with you, and I am horrid at small talk. I usually just end up laughing uncomfortable and trailing off awkwardly. It's the worst. We should have "big talk" more often. haha!

    And oh my goodness is that your little sis? She is adorable, I LOVE that last photo!