a weekend for myself.

Oh, my manual free-lensing adventures ;)

From my journal yesterday:

Why hello there. Or should I say goodbye.
Tomorrow morning I will be leaving on a journey. I'm going to a christian conference in my state along with some kids from my student ministries at church. It's my first time leaving on a spiritual journey by myself, and I'm more than ready.
I'm packed. I've gone to Walmart for about 10 pounds of snacks for a 3 hour bus ride. And finished all my homework.
I have a feeling though that I'm not only going to be growing with my faith, but with my relationships with my friends as well.
I have 2 friends that are going, which should be fun, but about 5 other young women are going as well, in which I'd like to get closer with.
All in all, I'm excited to see what my future holds, and I think this weekend just might be a turning point in it.


Seriously guys, I'm beyond excited to leave tomorrow.
Have y'all ever been on a retreat through your church?


  1. Hope it goes well Steph...nope, never been on one, but I'd love to! :)

  2. A retreat! - how fun! I hope you'll be challenged (in a good way) and grow closer to God because of it.

    Have a lovely time...

    - Acacia

    PS Yes, I have been on a little retreat with my church - it was amazing. :)

  3. yes! retreats are the best, fun and encouraging. plus hanging with best friends isn't too bad either. ;) have fun. xx

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  5. Yes, that involves an extreme emotion! And you're totally right, it's a double profit, because you know that your faith will change on a huge way, and also you know that it will mean a great time with your friends. It's awesome :)

  6. hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it! great post! would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and gfc? I always return the follow.let me know