the picture on the wall

You know when you hang a new picture on the wall? At first, you glance at it every single time you pass by. Maybe you even smile & stop to admire it. But then after a while, it just seems to sort of blend into the landscape. It becomes 'just' a picture. 'Just' a photo. You pass by it every single day, you see it... but you don't. Not really. It becomes something that's just there.

Until... one day. The day that picture gets taken down. You pass by that place where it used to hang & you immediately notice that something is amiss. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know something is missing. So you look around & you notice the wall... & it is bare. Where once was colour, a dreamy landscape, a smiling face... there remains now only an echo. A rectangular imprint on the wall where that frame once hung. That square of paint which the sun's rays had never had the chance to brighten... until now.

And in that moment you realize just how much that picture transformed the place where it used to hang. Maybe it was for the better, or maybe for the worse. Maybe you miss it, or maybe you don't. But whatever the case, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from that picture: the little things, however little, matter. Maybe we don't see them, or maybe we like to pretend we don't, or maybe we just never stopped to look... but they do.

Look around. Observe. Admire. Because the little things, so often taken for granted, won't always stick around forever. One day they will take with the current & swim away. Please, don't let that be the day you realize how much they mean to you.

hugs, eve


  1. this is beautiful, eve, and so so so true. :) i find myself doing that sometimes; mostly with pictures, or art hanging on the wall. we don't realize beautiful things are there, and how much they matter to us until we don't have them any more. :)

    this is gorgeous. :) xoxo

  2. It's like you have been watching my past week and wrote this post about me. Haha. This is EXACTLY what I've been learning and experiencing. Literally, with moving, we are taking everything off the walls and it is so noticeable... only squares of dust on the walls remain. And figuratively, as I am having to give away some pet bunnies because we can't have them at the home we are moving to. I did not give them as much attention as I should have, and it hurts something awful now knowing they are gone.

    Anyway. Lovely post :)

  3. this is such an insightful post. the little things are often the ones that mean the most. :)

  4. wow, okay. this is so significant to me, actually. you hit the nail right on the head. #totesbrills, doll. #totesbrills.

  5. Yes and yes and yes. I find myself stuck in nostalgia all the time, always wanting to go back to the way it was, always wishing for things the way they used to be. And I don't realize what I have now. And it repeats. My mind is stuck in the past, my body stuck in the present.
    Oh, and sorry for posting your idea, I didn't know, but also, you posted something even cooler.

    1. Me too!! It's crazy how little things like this matter so much.
      Haha!! I was kidding. Great minds think alike, & that's just how it is. :P

    2. And thank you, by the way. :)

  6. EVE. this...this is lovely. <3

    This has been going through my mind a lot, except with my friends. I'm just realizing how special each one of them is, and how sad I will be when they're gone.