fluffy cloud, golden sun days.

the weather here in south texas has been consistently beautiful and i-feel-so-alive-and-inspired-ish.
we have had the kitchen windows and screen door open almost every day the last few weeks,
letting the cool breeze flow through the house, filling my soul with hopes and dreams.
the sun has shone gloriously gold every morning, and in the evening it burns orange and pink
behind the trees. the clouds have been fluffy and white against the stark blue sky, and sometimes
they look like brush strokes painted in the evening blue. as much as i adore rainy days, i think i
love these blue sky, fluffy cloud, golden sun days just a little bit more.
how's the weather where you are, friend?


  1. that weather sounds lovely! where I am it's freeeezing! x

  2. It's rather cold here, and not so good for photographing.. but hey, you've got to learn to shoot anywhere, anytime right? LOVELY job Gracie! xo

  3. i want a screen door so i can leave it open and hear ladybug wings flutter and dandelions scatter in the wind and oh-so-whimsical things like that.
    it rained this morning, but when i left school to go to piano the sky was splotched with white (as in gandalf the white) clouds and saturated (srsly though) blue skies and i didn't need my sweater anymore because it was and is one of those days where you can kinda feel spring rowing in and out, like the dandelion seeds.
    this is gorgeous. makes me wanna have a picnic. :)

  4. oh, so beautiful, Gracie. :) love this. our weather is strangely (and obnoxiously) warm for the season--hopefully we'll be getting some more snow soon, though. :)

    love this.
    xo, mikailah

  5. you are so lucky. it's cold here... i long for summer evenings when the sunset is out at 8 pm and the stars are there also, and it's like they are all having conversations like "oh it's been so long" and "how has your wintery trips around the world been?"

  6. beautiful words, doll. here in mesa, the weather has been a bit eclectic lately. we've been in the mid-seventies for the past week, (perfect open-bedroom-window weather) but we're expecting some more rain in a couple of days that will bring us back to the fifties. xx

  7. this is so beautiful. makes me miss summer.

    uh, well... it's -26 right now. good old canada. snow, snow, and more snow, and no shortage of ice and cold days. but at least it's sunny. :)

  8. I can't even imagine leaving the screen door open - BUUUUURRR. Haha. But this is fantastic, Gracie, I love it.

  9. The weather sounds oh-so-lovely where you are. It's been like the summer over here, but I'm honestly longing for the rain. But the photo and the words above--just beautiful.

    Jemimah C. // Ink & Iridescence

  10. I can't explain how perrrfect this is - the feeling you described make me incredibly nostalgic!

    as for the weather here, it's chilly (typical england). and that's why I'm just a little too jealous of the weather you have.


  11. That sounds amazing! The weather here is very cold and very un-inspiring.

    -Grace http://atastefulendeavor.blogspot.com/