sweater weather

“Personally, I like to think my brother is having a college experience like they do in the movies. I don't mean the big fraternity party kind of movie. More like the movie where the guy meets a smart girl who wears a lot of sweaters and drinks cocoa. They talk about books and issues and kiss in the rain. I think something like that would be very good for him, especially if the girl were unconventionally beautiful. They are the best kind of girls, I think. I personally find 'super models' strange. I don't know why this is.” - Perks of Being a Wallflower. 
As a college freshman I'm still pretty new and easily overwhelmed by this whole college experience thing. Incidentally, despite the hullabaloo that is college with it's eminent deadlines and the ruckus of growing up that kind of comes with that I really must say that I'm loving my personal college experience. I always wanted college to be something I acknowledge, I'm surrounded by a lot of students who sort of view it as an in and out thing that they don't really take the time to appreciate where we are in our lives right now. Perhaps I only care so much because I was homeschooled and we homeschoolers tend to be a little more zealous about life and social interactions in general then your A-typical jaded public school attendee.

Either way, I'm excited to be that girl, in the sweaters with her Starbucks loving life even when I have an exam or an English paper looming over my head.

So here's to higher education, big sweaters, caffeine and social interactions. Hoozah!



  1. Mmm, love this, Bleah. :) And I totally agree! Here's to a higher education (even though I'm not doing college), big sweaters, caffeine (ain't it awesome? ;)), and social interactions. 'Cause us home-schoolers aren't socially deprived, okay. ;)

    xo, mikailah

  2. It sounds like you are having a fun college experience. That's what I want for next year. However, I must first choose what college to attend. :)

    This i a great blog! I've really enjoyed reading your old posts, especially your DIY posts.

    If you're interested, please stop by and say hello at www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com

  3. Stellar playlist. Love the first song!
    (Also, I really need to read Perks, don't I?)

  4. Sweaters & Starbucks. Perfection. <3