pick yourself up off the ground

i sliped the heavy skates on, laced them up, and attempted to walk across the colorful rug to the entrance of the rink.
how am i supposed to do this? i thought. this is impossible!
i grabbed onto the black support railing. other experienced skaters flew past us, round and round they went, laughing and having fun. the music playing was upbeat and dance-able. i pulled myself along the rail, letting out the occasional high-pitched scream whenever my foot slipped or i lost my balance.
don't fall, grace, don't fall. this is fun. it isn't the least bit terrifying at all.
a friend came over and told us to point our feet out and push. i tried applying this new information, and instead panic shot through my body.
i can't do this. nope. this truly is impossible.
just about four hours later, we were skating in the middle, far away from the bar, flying around with everybody else. it felt good, i felt confidant.
and guess what? i only fell down twice, but i got back up. i kept on skating, not afraid of falling down again.
xo, gracie


  1. I love skating, or rollerblading I should say. this is really cool.

  2. I love love skating. It does take a while to get used to though...

  3. it's like, symbolic of life. love this so much.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love the photos & the message of this post: to keep trying and keep going even when it feels like you can't. Awesome.
    Thank you.

  5. this is so amazing, Gracie. :) wow. love it.

  6. I just love to skate :) we're doing this.. That's settled.

  7. So much fun! Love the shots + words.

  8. The skating pictures are terrific! And your words are lovely and humorous.
    Like Jocee said, "It's symbolic of life".
    In life, every time you fall down, just pick yourself back up again. You'll be stronger and wiser than you were before.

    Love this post! <3


  9. Roller skating is so fun! It may be a bit scary at first, but then when you get the hang of it, it's such a joy to skate :) x