mooing cows and feeble fences

Never have I heard so many birds screaming at once. And never was I told the population of birds amongst neighborhoods was approximately nine million.
fly away
  I pretend to be some cool photographer or something as I walk down the sidewalk in my jean shorts and t-shirt. Maybe that's what cool photographers wear. I don't know. 
Though I don't look very cool, constantly shielding my camera and avoiding any water droplet in the area. I was also never told that every sprinkler in the US turns on at 6am.
I pass no one until I notice a woman trimming her bush. Such an odd time to be trimming a bush. Or maybe that's just me. Maybe it's not so odd for people who regularly wake at obscene hours of the day.
I continue on to the park, my giddiness at that glorious sunrise ascending with each step. That's gonna be my shot in a matter of minutes, I tell myself. On and on down the path, seeing only old ladies in slightly awkward hats and toned people running around. I cross over to the grass and head up the hill.
who doesn't want to live on meadow wood
 My shoes soak through from the sogginess of the grass, but it doesn't matter. I can live with wet feet. I'm on the top of the hill now, breathing in the fresh air, looking all around me, and having to wait a minute to take a shot. It's so beautiful and routine and lovely. It's so amazing and awe-inspiring.

 Four shots, then I'm back down the hill, thankful to be back on cement and not standing in an inch of water.
Every step ends in laughter for me. I can't help it, it's just so amazing to be able to walk and breath and feel and photograph. So I laugh out loud. And I probably look like a psychological weirdo to the old lady who just passed me. It doesn't matter though, because today I'm not worried about what other people think of me. Even those old ladies in slightly awkward hats that you know everyone tries to look cool around.
A few trips around each pond, sneaking behind the ducks and snapping a photo before it thinks it's dying, and I'm back on the trail, headed for the loveliest neighborhood. It's full of flowers, and old houses, and cows, and awesome mailboxes. Someday I'm gonna live there.
an awesome mailbox
(awesome mailbox)
"Morning," nods an old man passing by. I reply with a "good morning to youfine sir" giggle, skip.
Sunflowers and feeble picket fences and cows that whip their tails. One cow even seemed to enjoy getting his picture taken. And he mooed at me about seven times within 30 seconds. I liked that cow. Even though he looked like he was going to hurt me. I named him George.
My camera told me I only had 10 shots left, so I decided I probably shoudn't finish them off with pictures of cool mailboxes. Because every mailbox I passed was cool. And I passed a lot of mailboxes.
And now I return home, satisfied and a bit achy and wondering what time it is. Finally reaching the door of my home, I kick my tennis shoes off and examine the blisters I got from walking an hour in wet shoes. Next I pull out my memory card and scan through some of my photos. And lastly, I toast a piece of toast, for toast solves all problems.



  1. This makes me yearn to go see the sunrise.

  2. So, I loved this, Abby. :) This was so cute--and your photographs are amazing. And your words are perfectly adorable. :) Yes.

    Mikailah @ finding beauty

  3. Such a fun and creative post, Abby! :) love it.



  4. I love this! what a cool, clear, inward trail of thought.

  5. I love this. I could tell it was you before I read the signature (cause I don't pay attention to who posts what days..)I could just picture you on your walk.. taking pictures of all those mailboxes,and all the people staring at you. abby,I loved this :)

  6. oh wow. abby, you are amazing. seriously, this is so darn good! beautiful early morning photograhs and a gorgeous story to accompany it! and of course you are hilarious, so that makes everything a whole lot better! :)

  7. How beautiful is that first photo! and those mailboxes are so pretty, I've never seen anything like those!

  8. This is so awesome. I love morning excursions!! :)