getting ahead.

we all have lives. we all have times in our life where there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do anything and everything. we make commitments, we apologetically decline invitations, and we go and do. and yet, in all that going and doing, in getting things done and checking them off our list, it always seems like there's more to do. and sometimes, we have to apologetically step back from some commitments.

so katie and megan had to.

and that's perfectly alright with us. sometimes, we slip up, too. we forget to post or life just gets in the way, and while we feel bad, it's just something that happens. it's ordinary. i think carlotta put it beautifully: "i don't think i'm behind on blogging, but rather, i feel like i'm ahead on life." and this should be our goal. to be ahead on life. to take risks and learn as much as much as we can, and to share with others so that we can do the same. i guess that's what these girls have done. and i guess that's just how it is sometimes.

now, i'm not saying we should step back completely. i think we should go and do and come and commune and share and kiss people that we adore and try new things to eat and do it all again. i'm saying that while we get ahead, we'll remember to tell the world about it, too.

and that's all i have to say about that.
{pea ess: some new features coming to aou soon! stay tuned!}


  1. totally! but wait are Katie and Megan leaving (like for good) or are they just taking a break

    1. megan, we know, has just had to step back so she could manage her time better. we're sure she'll be back eventually. katie, i believe, is stepping back for good. but we'll see what happens in the future!

  2. and this is why I love you. because you describe my feelings way better than I ever could. this is lovely, doll. it's perfect.
    we'll miss you katie and megan!

  3. aw, that's a shame. I'll miss megan and katie. but hey, i understand how that can go. excited to see these new features you mentioned!

    xo, J

  4. i totally agree with this. like, this is written better and more deeply than i could ever come up with. i'll miss katie and megan. :)

  5. understandable, you guys are young so take it easy :)