where the waves meet the coast

i want to be there.
that place where the waves meet the coast.
  that place where the sand creeps into the cracks of your toes and into the strands of hair on your head.
where my daily plans consist of sleeping, tanning and some good picture-taking.
i miss the smell of the water.
i miss the taste of those fruity, strawberry drinks from the tiki bar on the beach, with sand in the slats of the worn-down wooden floor.
most of all, i miss how i relaxed
along the edges of florida, is one of the few places i can relax.
i am able to forget about my worries.

you see.
i am the biggest worry wart you will ever meet.
i think about what will happen tomorrow, and on this very same day next year.
every thought that goes through my brain is a worry that revolves around me messing up in a way that could affect my future.
no matter how hard i try, i can't stop.
except when i'm where the waves meet the coast.

when i step off that plane back home, back into the suburbs, all the stress drops back onto my shoulders and my knees start to buckle with the weight of all my "problems" back.
i miss it where, all that disappears.

***I don't know if we have formally met yet, my name is Stephanie, and I'm one of the new authors here on AOU! I'm a teenager in the suburbs of Illinois. I so excited to be here, and to get to know y'all better :) If you don't know my history, I'm a "retired" blogger. I applied to AOU with about a year-and-a-half of experience. I had a blog called "Fearless" with about 150 or so followers that I wasn't able to keep up and running by myself with school. AOU feels like the perfect place for me to grow, and I hope you guys enjoy having me here. xx. Stephanie***


  1. Beautiful sunset. I think we're all yearning for summer during the worst of the winter blues.

  2. Beautiful post, Stephanie! And welcome to AOU! (Wait, STEPHANIE!!!! Girly, I've missed you forEVAH! email me soon purty-please! maybe we can find out if we can talk on the phone, or skype, or whatever! Anyways, good to see you in the blogging community again!) and btw, next time you come to Florida, please give me a call and I'll take you to the beach m'kay? I live about an hour from the water, we can go boogie-boarding (my fav activity at the beach(oh, and watch out for jellyfish, i found out you don't feel it when they sting you (accidentally))), build a sand-castle, collect seashells, and DEFINITELY play in the little sandbar!

    Good to have you back, Stephanie!


  3. Oh, this is just beautiful. Makes me want summer.
    I miss yout blog and I'm glad we get to hear from you again, here!

    1. I know, summer is the best isn't it? I'm glad to be here as well :)

  4. I really love this, so much. :) I'm a total worry wart as well, and the ocean is so therapeutic and calming. <3

  5. I love what you wrote!!

  6. That picture is AMAZING.
    Wow, I just really love this.

    1. Awhh, thanks :) The beach is just my absolute favorite place!

  7. stunning picture. i hope i can go to the ocean someday. :)

  8. Nothing lasts forever. This is beautiful.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  9. The ocean is amazing. I love it. The feeling I get when surfing the white-capped waves is absolute bliss. ♥ Don't ask me why I don't live at the beach. ;)

  10. wow this is so beautiful!

  11. I love the coast. It's a wonderful, wonderful place. <3

  12. whoah. those colors are incredible.