spring again

I don't have a favourite season. I always find myself looking forward to the freshness of spring, the laziness of summer, the coziness of autumn, & the silent beauty of winter. Each has a most lovely, wholehearted embrace.

Though, every year, in the last days of January, or perhaps, those in mid-February, I start feeling the tightness of winter's embrace all too keenly. It makes me restless. I start longing for young buds of green, rosy tinges  amid the brown, lilac breezes, & even the sight of dandelion seeds carried by the wind. I want to break free of the clutch of winter, grown all too stiff & cold, & run to spring again.

Oh, how glorious it will be to feel the warm air on my face! To hear the lovely chirping bird melodies & experience all the lovely sights & aromas. Hurry up, spring. Let us go adventuring together again...

I'm Eve -- a dreamer, a reader, a writer, a photographer, & a blogger. I love feeling the strong & adventurous pull of the ocean, & listening to my rather large collection of movie soundtracks. I'm often awkward & better express myself in writing. I have an unfinished six year-old diary & books on my shelf that haven't been read yet. My ideal vacation would be a two week long hike across the mountain ranges of New Zealand. It's nice to meet you, friend. :)


  1. okay, so, sometimes, i don't like spring, because that means it getting close to summer which is basically when all heat breaks loose and it's hot and humid and i have no motivation to do anything and basically summer in texas is not okay because it's just so hot and i think that maybe if it rained a little bit or if maybe the Lord would grant us a merciful summer this year it would all be okay.

    (wow, what a sentence, right?! ^^)

    but now? to be perfectly honest, i'm finding myself wishing for mild, yet prominent spring days and new budding leaves on the trees and animals and babies being born and fruits coming back in season and photoshoots and all the lovely things God has in store for me. so.

    yup. i feel you girl. :)

  2. Oh, spring. It's not my favorite holiday pursue.. But it's refreshing. LOVELY shot and words Eve! xo

    1. *season.. I promise I'm not a weirdo.

  3. Spring has always been my favorite, but only by a little bit. I'm like you, I love all of the seasons. I'm so glad to have four distinct seasons. The new season always comes right on time and is so refreshing.

  4. LOVE this so much, Eve and I'm overjoyed that you get to be a part of AOU. Oh, and it's so coincidental that you posted this today because today was the first day it started to feel like SPRING (and I live in England)!

    xxx Acacia

  5. WOW. I am in love with that picture, Eve. And Spring is a most lovely season. xoxo

  6. well, this is lovely. that photo with your words are perfect, eve x

  7. This is fantastic, Eve! I love it.
    And I want to go on a two week hike in New Zealand with you, please, can I come.

  8. a post on my birthday! haha sorry, i always look at the dates of the posts. ;)
    such beautiful words and what a gorgeous photo. ♥

    xoxo, lindsey

  9. your photo is so haunting, and your words are so hopeful, and you are just so lovely.

  10. well i'm in love with photo. like, goodness gracious Eve.